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Swell’s incentive marketing platform is built on three pillars: rewards, referrals, and email capture. While each of our tools stands on its own, they’re even more powerful when utilized together; our average merchant earns a 9x ROI on our system.

When it comes to designing a program that fits your business’ unique needs, we value flexibility above all else. Swell offers over 15 ways to give customers points, including social media follows and likes, product reviews, various purchase-related activities, and more. And for merchants looking for even more flexibility, our Actions API allows you to reward customers for virtually anything you can imagine; if you can send the notification to Swell, we can give credit for it!

Moreover, Swell offers an unparalleled degree of customization on your Shopify store; because we're Shopify-centric, we've achieved a level of integration which is simply unprecedented in our space. All customer-facing program elements are truly a seamless extension of our clients’ brands, which is the reason that some of Shopify's largest businesses trust us to power their programs. With our dedicated team of designers and developers, we work extremely hard to ensure that our program fits into your store not the other way around.

To learn more about the exclusive, unique set of features we provide for Shopify Plus merchants, please visit swellrewards.com/about-demo or email team@swellrewards.com!

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