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With Shopify’s most powerful, advanced, and secure POS device, you'll never sell the same way again.

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A sales associate holds POS Go as a customer taps to pay on the sales floor.

Get the hardware and software you need backed by the world’s best commerce platform

One back office

Manage products, payments, staff, and customers whether you’re online or in store.

Custom POS software

Customize the Shopify POS app to manage your stores and serve customers better.

Integrated POS hardware

Create your ideal POS system with secure, reliable hardware, including the all-new POS Go.

A best-in-class mobile selling experience with an award-winning design.

Meet the all-in-one POS Go

Made for modern retail: POS Go is Shopify’s most powerful, secure, and revolutionary mobile POS device that fits in your hand. Turn it on and instantly connect to critical features to grow your business.

An associate uses POS Go to scan an item away from the counter. There are two callouts one highlights the built-in barcode scanner which lets users scan items and check inventory. The the other callout shows product details including name, price, color, and quantity available.

Wi-Fi keeps the built-in barcode scanner and card reader ready to go for super-smooth checkouts at the counter, on the floor, or curbside.

Robust software lets customers pay with just a tap, swipe, or chip. Accept all payment types including credit, debit, and mobile wallets.

Monitor sales, support your staff, view analytics, and stay connected to your business all on one mobile POS device.

Powered by Shopify

POS Go is fully loaded with Shopify POS software to keep you connected to your business, so you never miss a transaction or interaction.

A sales associate inserts a chip card into the built-in card reader on POS Go. On the screen is a prompt to insert card and a sales total.

Switch on and go

The built-in POS app means your mobile point of sale is ready to use right out of the box. Simply turn it on and connect to all the tools, resources, and support you need for your business.

“It’s truly allowed us to scale from one to 25 stores”

Learn how Yardbird streamlined their in-person selling
Staff members at Yardbird gather around a table looking at POS Go.
A collage of images feature the ways to pay using POS Go: with a swipe, tap to pay, or chip cards. It also displays accepted providers: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Apple Pay, Google Pay.

Start selling

With 99.9% uptime, Shopify Payments is the most secure and reliable way to accept all payment types. It’s already loaded on POS Go, eliminating the need for multiple devices.

A sales associate looks at POS Go’s screen to review store analytics. A callout displays an example that highlights net sales and a positive percentage increase.

Stay connected

Keep tabs on your business while selling on the floor or from behind the counter. Access top-selling staff, best-selling products, and analytics all from the palm of your hand.

The title cover of Shopify’s free digital download, the guide to building a mobile POS strategy.

Free digital download

The guide to building a mobile POS strategy

Learn how mobile POS systems can help you meet shifting expectations, drive repeat customers, and increase sales.

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Discover how the power of Shopify and POS Go can help you revolutionize your entire business.

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No need for a separate tablet or card reader. POS Go lets you run your retail business at a fraction of the cost of other setups.

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Log into your Shopify account on your device, and you’re ready to go right out of the box.

Revolutionize your entire business

  • *Based on internal Shopify testing for average usage in retail environments for an 8-12 hour period.