How LisolaStore Grew Orders 20% by Unifying Sales Channels with Shopify

How LisolaStore Grew Orders 20% by Unifying Sales Channels with Shopify

LisolaStore is an Italian bed linen and homeware brand. A family business that spans three generations, the brand has evolved and innovated to constantly keep up with the times. Starting as a brick-and-mortar store, LisolaStore now has a strong online presence and two stores in Milan. 

Backed by the popularity of its artisanal home label and its curated selection of wholesale partners, the brand has established itself as a go-to spot for shoppers searching for bespoke home goods. 

Since switching its legacy point-of-sale to Shopify POS, LisolaStore can run its entire brand from Shopify’s powerful back office. As a result, the brand has enjoyed: 

  • 15% higher average order values 
  • Record low inventory shrink rates 
  • 300% increase in gift cards sales

Challenge: Exploring online retail for the first time

In 2017, the third-generation of the family took over LisolaStore. While the physical store had a loyal customer base, new ownership had bold ambitions to scale the business beyond Milan. 

To achieve their goals, brothers Antonio Cannavò and Renato Ballone made the decision to take LisolaStore online. They launched a Shopify site and started making online sales within a few days. LisolaStore’s online presence grew quickly and took it from a domestic brand to one selling across Italy. 

Within a few months, the brand had gotten to a point where daily online sales were significant. With that success, their operations suffered–managing sales across a physical shop and online store was becoming overwhelming. With demand higher than ever, the brand’s flagship shop could no longer store all the inventory needed to fulfill online and store orders. 

When we started selling online, our sales exploded. With demand for our products growing faster than expected, we needed a solution that made managing our inventory and sales online and at our stores more straightforward.

Antonio Cannavò, CEO and Co-Founder, LisolaStore

Solution: Unifying online and store sales with Shopify

LisolaStore decided to switch from its legacy POS system–which didn’t properly connect to its Shopify site–to Shopify POS. Making the change enabled the brand to manage its sales channels, inventory, orders, staff, and customers from one system.

The results have been astounding. Since making the move to Shopify POS, LisolaStore’s average order value has grown 15%, and their inventory shrink rate is lower than it's ever been. That newfound efficiency gave Antonio and Renato the confidence to open a second, larger store in Milan. 

With their inventory spread across two store locations, LisolaStore uses Shopify’s in-store pickup feature to show online shoppers a product’s availability before they come to visit. If a product is available, shoppers can choose store pickup as a delivery option at checkout and collect their item within 24 hours. 

The brand also enjoys no longer losing sales to stockouts. If the product a customer wants is out of stock, staff can use ship-to-customer to close the sale on-the-spot and have the order shipped to the customer’s home address from whichever store location carries the item. 

If items are no longer in stock, staff can offer gift cards that customers can redeem online or in-store–this approach has resulted in 300% more gift card sales and is a convenient way to recoup sales that would have otherwise been lost. 

Using Shopify Payments and new card readers with integrated payments, the brand also significantly sped up its store checkout. With payment processing and Italy’s taxation rules handled by Shopify, the brand no longer needs to manually key-in order amounts in their card reader. Order amounts are automatically pushed to their card reader, which helps staff accept payments faster. 

With Shopify, everything we need to serve customers is built-in. We can see what inventory is available at our stores and warehouse, get built-in payment processing, and have more tools to close sales–it makes life so much easier.

Antonio Cannavò, CEO and Co-Founder, LisolaStore

Results: A strong foundation to support their ambitions

Moving online has meant that the brand can reach customers both across Italy and abroad. In fact, LisolaStore now boasts a large customer base in the US and Canada made up primarily of Italian expatriates. 

LisolaStore has successfully created a consistent experience for all customers, irrespective of where they are, who they are or how they shop. With a strong focus on customer service  across channels and with ambitions to scale internationally, the brand is expected to continue its omnichannel growth.

We love Shopify POS because it connects seamlessly to our Shopify site. Shopify’s complete commerce platform has everything we need to bring our omnichannel customer journey to life.

Antonio Cannavò, CEO and Co-Founder, LisolaStore

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