Sell products on your Business site

Sell on your site

Easily embed products from your Shopify store by copy and pasting a product URL into your site.

Advanced look & feel

Generate short codes for maximum flexibility and advanced customizations.

Realtime updates

Make a change to price, image or description and your blog or site will update in realtime.

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Getting started is easy

Embed products on your site in three quick steps.

Step One

Install the app

Sign up for your Shopify store, upload your products, and install the app from the Shopify App Store.

Step Two

Activate the Shopify plugin

Activate the Shopify ecommerce plugin in your dashboard and type in your Shopify store URL.

Step Three

Manage your payments

Within your Shopify admin, select one of our 70+ payment gateway and start accepting orders from your blog or site.

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