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Listen Up: 18 Podcasts for Entrepreneurs, Hosted by Women

In the first few days of the new year, we stacked your 2017 reading list with some incredible book titles authored by women. Just over two months later, with the women’s marches still raging on in our hearts, we wanted to keep the girl power alive with a shout out to the ladies who podcast.

We’ve published podcast roundups before, and while our last one featured some great listens, I couldn’t help but wonder, “Where my girls at?”

What better time to refresh our podcast recommendations with a little diversity than International Women’s Day, and who better to pick them than women themselves?

I realized that my own podcast listening habits already included a ton of amazing women hosts. While I'll talk your ear off about my favorites—everything from true crime to sex and relationships podcasts—I consulted my office mates at Shopify to help round out a few of my entrepreneur-focused picks.

I asked them, "What’s in your ear right now?"

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18 Women-Hosted Podcasts for Entrepreneurs

While most of our picks focus on topics like business and stories of successful women, we've thrown in a few bonuses: brain-building podcasts about science and human relations to give you a break from busy entrepreneur life, and boost creative and critical thinking.

Pop in your earphones, sit back, and absorb some great discussion by the women of podcasting.

1. Being Boss

Hosts: Emily Thompson and Kathleen Shannon
Topic: Entrepreneurship


Recommended by:
Casandra Campbell, Content Marketer, Shopify

“As the name suggests, Being Boss focuses on one of the more delicate parts of entrepreneurship: being a boss. Being the person in charge and responsible for growing a successful business is tough, but it’s also rewarding. Being Boss aims to make your transition to this role smoother.” – Casandra

2. Sampler

Host: Brittany Luse
Topic: Podcasting


Recommended by:
Genevieve Lalonde, Developer, Shopify

“Sampler is a good way to discover new podcasts as it provides curated samples of podcasts around a different theme for each episode.” – Genevieve

3. Invisibilia

Hosts: Alix Spiegel, Lulu Miller, and Hanna Rosin
Topic: Human Behavior


Recommended by:

Jen Jarvis, Human Relations, Shopify

“Invisibilia explores those 'invisible' things that have an impact on our behaviour as humans and that inform our opinions and thoughts. One of my favourite episodes explores how the expectations of others can have an impact on our success (How to Become Batman) - approaching 'impossible' situations with a positive attitude can have a distinct impact on your ability to succeed.” – Jen

Episode of note: How to Become Batman

4. The Great Girlfriends Show

Hosts: Sybil Amuti and Brandice Daniel
Topic: Entrepreneurship


The hosts of this podcast have great energy and chemistry with each other and with their guests. Episodes cover a really wide range of subjects like empowerment, beauty, emotional health, and love, but many episodes are geared towards women in starting businesses. Sybil and Brandice’s guests are often really inspiring and entrepreneurial women of color.

5. Happier

Host: Gretchen Rubin
Topic: Success and Happiness
Recommended by:

Dayna Winter, Writer, Shopify

“At the top of each episode, Gretchen rattles off the goals/keywords for that day’s podcast, which helps to understand what to expect before you commit to 30 minutes of the topic. If you like Gretchen’s books (I recommend The Happiness Project), her podcast is presented in the same manner—casual, light, and peppered with personal anecdotes. The topics vary from parenting to eliminating clutter to time management but are all centered around making the life and work decisions that ultimately make you happy. The podcast is full of tips to help achieve efficiency and minimize stress—perfect for busy entrepreneurs." – Dayna

6. Women of the Hour


Host: Lena Dunham
Topic: Women



Recommended by:

Francine Navarro, Developer, Shopify

“Each episode in this podcast miniseries features candid conversations with women sharing unexpected and sometimes uncomfortable insights about questions big and small. While the guest list includes well-known figures like Zadie Smith, Joss Whedon, and Dunham’s co-stars on Girls, the most memorable episodes, such as the one on faith and spirituality, showcase the individual stories of everyday women whose experiences and personalities are nevertheless inspiring.” – Francine

7. The Allusionist

Host: Helen Zaltzman
Topic: Language


Recommended by:

Anshuman Iddamsetty, Podcast Producer, Shopify

“The Allusionist is a wry exploration of the everyday words we use. Critical, I think, for showing how language evolves from moment to moment. The episode about the origins of 'Pride' in the context of LGBT issues is a heartbreaker.” – Anshuman

Episode of note: Pride

8. After the Jump

Host: Grace Bonney
Topic: Creators and Entrepreneurs


Recommended by:

Chelsea Rudderham, Talent Acquisition, Shopify

“Host Grace Bonney interviews established and up-and-coming designers, artists, and entrepreneurs to showcase what challenges they face in pursuing their passion and craft.” – Chelsea

9. Raise Your Hand Say Yes

Host: Tiffany Han
Topic: Entrepreneurship


Brand strategist and creative director Tiffany Han interviews some really inspiring women—designers, bloggers, and entrepreneurs alike—on topics like risk taking and productivity. Her podcast aims to “light fires under creative women to create bold brands and businesses that they love”.

Episode of note: #51 Lisa Congdon on Passion Projects

10. Magic Lessons

Host: Elizabeth Gilbert
Topic: Creativity


Recommended by:

Katie Hudson, Marketer, Shopify

“Sometimes it can feel like creativity can be hard to come by. Where do people find their inspiration? How do they stay motivated and push through any roadblocks that prevent them from doing what they truly love? As a continuation of Eay, Pray, Love, Elizabeth Gilbert interviews a variety of people from different backgrounds and shares their amazing stories of success. This podcast is inspiring, uplifting, and a great storytelling piece. Check it out!” – Katie

11. Spent

Host: Lindsay Goldwert
Topic: Finance


Recommended by:

Dayna Winter, Writer, Shopify

“This is 'the podcast for the financially challenged' (*raises hand*). Lindsay takes dry topics like personal finance and makes them funny—but she's also very knowledgable. The episodes vary from repaying student loans to asking for money, and many, like the episode below, are relevant to bootstrapping, self-funded entrepreneurs. Lindsay’s great podcast voice and her guests, who are often comedians, keep each topic engaging." – Dayna

Episode of note: #20, Mike Lemme: Should You Put Your Dreams on a Credit Card?

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12. Design Matters

Host: Debbie Millman
Topic: Design


Recommended by:

Cassie Slack, Designer, Shopify

“Debbie was my rock throughout design school. I learned so much about the industry and heard stories from so many amazing people all over the world. Design Matters is the best. You should be listening to Design Matters right now.” – Cassie

Episode of note: #42 Amanda Palmer

13. Entrefamily

Host: Stephanie Langford (and husband, Ryan)
Topic: Entrepreneurship and Family


Recommended by:

Theresa Nguyen, Talent Development, Shopify

“Love this podcast! Stephanie and her husband are serial entrepreneurs that also love to travel. They juggle multiple businesses and 6 children and travel the world for stretches at a time. Really inspiring.” – Theresa

14. She Means Business

Host: Carrie Green
Topic: Entrepreneurship


Recommended by:

Chelsea Rudderham, Talent Acquisition, Shopify

“Carrie Green is passionate about starting and growing businesses. Her podcast takes the listener through a weekly show filled with tips and tricks to help entrepreneurs build successful businesses.” – Chelsea

15. The Heart

Host: Kaitlin Priest
Topic: Human Behavior and Love


Recommended by:

Anshuman Iddamsetty, Podcast Producer, Shopify

“Award-winning stories on intimacy and the elusive qualities of the human condition. Stunning showcase of storytelling and the importance of empathy.” – Anshuman

16. The Broad Experience

Host: Ashley Milne-Tyte
Topic: Women in the Workplace


Recommended by:

Shannon Gallagher, Apprentice Product Manager, Shopify

“The Broad Experience is an honest show about women's unique experience in the workplace. The host is no-nonsense and she does a great job of uncovering and intelligently discussing issues that many of us have, but not all of us talk about.” – Shannon

Episode of note: #96, Burnout

17. Science VS

Host: Wendy Zukerman
Topic: Science


Recommended by:

Annie-Claude Côté, Senior Developer, Shopify

“Wendy does a great job at taking on current science related trends and topics and demystifying what's real and what's not based on science research. The best thing about this podcast is that she's being impartial and will also tell you when there's no real evidence on one side or the other. It's refreshing to hear unbiased facts about popular subjects.” – Annie-Claude

18. StartUp

Host: Lisa Chow
Topic: Entrepreneurship


Recommended by:

Kevin McPhillips, Order Manager, Shopify

“Season two of StartUp follows an all-female tech startup building the online dating site, Dating Ring. It is a raw and intimate day-to-day account of how frantic and difficult it can be to run a tech startup. It follows the company and the founders through the lifecycle of their business, and frequently touches on the complexities of being women entrepreneurs in a male dominated field. Season 3 is also good, covering a number of topics, but largely the controversial story of American Apparel and its founder Dov Charney.” – Kevin

Episode of note: S2E1, Origin Story

If you’re looking for even more podcast inspiration from the badass women running businesses on Shopify, check out our very own Felix Thea on Shopify Masters, as he interviews the likes of Debbie Sterling of Goldie Blox, Cindy Chan of Dotoly, and Candice Galex of Bikini Luxe.

Or—get this, Girlboss—why don't you create your own podcast? 

Learn More: How to Start a Podcast

What’s coming through your headphones these days? Share your favorite women-hosted podcasts in the comments below.