9th Time's a Charm: What Failure Taught the Owner of Nut Butter Nation

nut butter nation

Trial, error, and experimentation are all part of every entrepreneur’s journey. Many fail the first time. And the 2nd time. Even the 3rd time.

In Grant Ellis’ case, the 9th time was a charm.

Find out how Ellis came to build Nut Butter Nation, a successful side business selling 100% natural peanut butter, while also finding balance between work and life.

In this episode, you'll learn:

  • How to validate an idea early on from someone who's tried to start 8 other businesses.
  • How to get unbiased feedback from friends and family.
  • What processes and systems to set up to market your product successfully.

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About The Author

Felix Thea is the host of the Shopify Masters podcast, the ecommerce marketing podcast for ambitious entrepreneurs, and founder of TrafficAndSales.com where you can get actionable tips to grow your store’s traffic and sales.