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Supernote sales surge by 200% with Shopify Plus


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Ratta launched Supernote globally in 2020 with the vision of creating distraction-free digital stationery. As one of the first brands to enter the global e-notebook market, Supernote has gained massive popularity with avid notetakers. Since its launch, the brand has steadily grown its international footprint and plans to expand local services into the UK and Japan next.


While Supernote’s shift from a custom-built website to Shopify had tremendously improved its website’s functionality, the brand wanted to further optimize its online channel. A key focus for Supernote was to elevate the customer journey in order to increase conversion rate of potential customers. 

The checkout stage was a particular pain point for the brand. Supernote was unable to integrate alternative payment methods, leaving potential customers with limited purchasing options. Another issue was the inability to customize the checkout to offer certain groups, such as students, an experience tailored to their specific needs. Supernote wanted to engage more deeply with this core market segment by offering targeted promotions and discounts, but it was unable to do this effectively with its previous website. 


Supernote upgraded to Shopify Plus in March 2022. Through the Shopify Plus exclusive Checkout Customizations—a feature that enables code-free customizations—Supernote was easily able to transform its checkout page. The brand combined this feature with the third-party app Easy Student Discounts, which enabled it to give its student customers a more tailored experience by offering self-service student discounts.

Supernote further used a combination of Shopify Payments and Shop Pay, which allow brands to enable multiple payment methods at checkout and also offer customers flexible payment options. A standout benefit was Shop Pay installments, a feature that seamlessly integrates with Shopify Checkout and gives customers the option to pay in bi-weekly or monthly installments. 


After switching to Shopify Plus, Supernote’s team was able to make quick and easy customizations for a more seamless customer experience—a core need in a fast-paced consumer environment. This not only saves time at the back end when the company wants to make website changes, it also helps to boost sales. For instance, by offering student discounts, Supernote was able to ramp up the conversion rate of this segment, making student customers 10 times more likely to purchase compared to regular visitors.

Within just three months of using Shopify Payments and Shop Pay, Supernote experienced a 42% increase in its order volume. Customers valued the newfound payment flexibility and were encouraged to go through with their purchases, a trend reflected in the reduction in bounce rate at the checkout.

The payment experience is a key point of sales conversion, and we’ve seen the jump in purchases after customizing our checkout with Shopify Plus. Adding to that, the diverse range of features on the platform make Shopify Plus a one-stop ecommerce platform, empowering our team to curate an online customer experience that is simple and seamless.


Bruce Zhao — Founder

With Shopify, Supernote saw results fast.


year-on-year sales growth


increase in order volume within three months


increase in average order value after implementing Shop Pay

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