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Build A Memorable Brand That Customers Will Love

This branding template will help you develop the look of your brand, the language it uses to reach consumers, and an idea of how to earn favorable responses when you’re marketing to them.

A user interface with a bar graph in the middle and multiple emojis featuring console controller, first day to first sale banner, lamp, bottle, plus sign, smiling emoji and a credit card.

A strong brand separates your business from everyone else in the marketplace. It affects how customers perceive the value of your product. It’s often the difference between building a loyal customer base, or giving your sales away to competitors.

This worksheet will walk you through the process of building your brand from scratch. Use it to define your brand’s name, voice, tagline, colors, font, logo, and more. Craft a compelling brand story that makes your products stand out, and creates loyal customers.

A female in burgundy top smiling while holding her purchases in biege bags and looking away from a photographer. There are multiple decorations of different sizes and colors right behind her.

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