40+ best Shopify themes for 2022

 Best Shopify themes for 2022

When you’re setting up an ecommerce store, you’re eager to get the store up and running in as short a time as possible. And the rush is certainly justified in the fast-moving, fast-changing, ecosystem of selling online. However, before you are ready to flip the ‘OPEN’ sign on your store, you need to make certain choices about your website. After all, that’s your internet storefront.

What must the look and feel be? How do you showcase your products? What’s the narrative your customers need to be led through before they make their first purchase? When leaving your store for the next one is just a click away, your first impression matters even more. Lest, it will be the last impression you make.

You always have the option of designing and developing your online store from scratch, piece by piece tinkered with; every small design decision weighed, tested and validated. However, since innumerable different kinds of ecommerce websites have been made for a while, you also have the option of getting your store started in double-quick time, by picking from one of the many templates, and adjusting it to your needs.

That’s where Shopify comes in. Thanks to Shopify’s team of designers and developers, along with many talented partners, there is a wide selection of Shopify themes available to fit any budget and any industry. With custom templates, styling options, and mobile-friendliness by default, Shopify themes help you put your best foot forward right from the get-go.

Below, we’ll first list the free Shopify themes you can use if you’re a business looking to get started at minimal cost, followed by a few premium Shopify themes available from our partners.

All premium themes are organised by industry—including fashion and apparel, jewellery and accessories, home, electronics, toys and games, and more—so you can find the perfect fit for your selection of products.

The themes listed in this blog include the latest Online Store 2.0 additions, which means upgraded theme architectures, flexible customisations, built-in modularity and a whole host of powerful ecommerce features to make your store future-ready.

Free Shopify themes to start your online store

When you’re starting a new business, cost may be a concern until you make your few first sales. But that doesn’t mean you can’t make one of the best ecommerce websites possible with a fast, high-converting Shopify theme. Below are the thirteen free Shopify themes developed in-house by our expert team. Each offers industry-leading performance and deep levels of customisation, all at the right price: free!

1. NarrativeNarrative

Price: Free

Theme styles: Warm, Light, Cold, Earthy

Theme demo: Desktop 💻, Mobile 📱

Featuring a bold hero video (or slideshow), Narrative is perfect for visual storytelling and serves as the perfect complement for a single product business, or a store with a small catalogue of items.

Joyous Beam Candles store

Source: Joyous Beam Candles store

Joyous Beam Candles is a Shopify store that sells unique handmade candles in jars with organic and non-toxic raw materials. They have designed their store using the Narrative theme and with a warm style preset.

2. Simple

Simple Shopify Theme

Price: Free

Theme styles: Light, Beauty, Toy

Theme demo: Desktop 💻, Mobile 📱

Simple lets your products do the talking. Featuring built-in product recommendations and image zoom for every product, Simple takes a backseat so customers can appreciate the finer details of your catalogue.

3. Minimal Minimal Shopify Theme

Price: Free

Theme styles: Vintage, Fashion, Modern

Theme demo: Desktop 💻, Mobile 📱

Neatly organise your products with this clean, simple design that also features an optional section for a home page video or slideshow, along with built-in product filtering so customers can find what they’re looking for. Beam Boxx

Source: Beam Boxx

Beam Boxx sells customisable neon lights on its Shopify store with the Minimal theme.

4. Debut

Debut Shopify Theme

Price: Free

Theme styles: Default, Light

Theme demo: Desktop 💻, Mobile 📱

Debut your brand with the ideal Shopify theme for a carefully curated selection of products. Don’t let the simple design fool you, as there’s a ton of power under the hood, including built-in customer testimonials, predictive search, and an optional promotional banner.

Sleepy Owl Coffee store

Source: Sleepy Owl Coffee store

Sleepy Owl is a home-grown Indian coffee brand that uses the theme Debut on their online storefront.

5. Supply

Supply Shopify Theme

Price: Free

Theme styles: Blue, Light

Theme demo: Desktop 💻, Mobile 📱

Have a lot of products to sell? Supply can help you smartly organise your products by collections and encourage customers to purchase more. With featured collections available on your homepage along with collection filtering in the sidebar, the products your customers are searching for will only be a click or two away.

The Boho Street

Source: The Boho Street

The Boho Street sells handmade cotton tapestries on its online store using this theme.

6. Brooklyn

Brooklyn Shopify Theme

Price: Free

Theme styles: Classic, Playful

Theme demo: Desktop 💻, Mobile 📱

Modern apparel businesses may find Brooklyn the perfect fit. With turn-key features like a slide-out cart, customers can easily add items without having to leave the page, Brooklyn will ensure your store looks as good as your clothes⁠—and converts, too.

Alkimi Shopify Store

Source: Alkimi

Even though the theme has been made with apparel in mind, that’s certainly no limitation. Alkimi sells handcrafted soy candles using this clean and elegant theme.

7. Venture

Venture Shopify Theme

Price: Free

Theme styles: Snowboards, Outdoor, Boxing

Theme demo: Desktop 💻, Mobile 📱

Another one of the free Shopify themes that’s tailor-made for large product catalogues,  Venture includes a multi-column menu so you can showcase granular details in a drop-down menu. You’ll also be able to highlight a single flagship product should you choose to do so.

Youthiapa store

Source: Youthiapa store

Youthiapa, the official merchandise store for the popular YouTube channel BB Ki Vines, uses the Snowboard style preset of this theme.

8. Boundless Boundless

Price: Free

Theme styles: Black & White, Vibrant

Theme demo: Desktop 💻, Mobile 📱

Put your product photography in full focus with Boundless, a theme that lets your photos speak a thousand words. Showcase high-resolution product imagery with a dedicated product gallery or through a full-width grid layout for your collection images.


Source: Indiholic

Check out Indiholic’s Boundless showcase of Indian handicraft products above.

9. Sense Sense

Theme style: Default

Theme Demo: Desktop 💻, Mobile 📱

Sense works well, especially for health and beauty stores of any catalogue size by making them clean and refined. It includes ratings to establish trust with your customers with new styling options and sections for displaying detailed product information. Mojo Snacks store

Source: Mojo Snacks store

This theme allows Mojo Snacks’ product descriptions to stand out, as we can see in the image above.

10. Crave


Theme style: Default 

Theme Demo: Desktop 💻, Mobile 📱

Crave is designed with food and beverage stores in mind. With mobile optimised layouts and dynamic checkout options, purchasing on-the-go is just the kind of behaviour it incentivises. In addition the scope for visual storytelling is immense.

11. Craft


Theme Style: Default

Theme Demo: Desktop 💻, Mobile 📱

Craft your home and garden online stores of any catalogue size with this Shopify theme. The sections on your site are configured to allow for comprehensive storytelling with preconfigured templates and styling options for product dimensions, materials, and care instructions.

12. Dawn


Theme Style: Default

Theme Demo: Desktop 💻, Mobile 📱

Dawn is suitable for all stores, regardless of catalogue size. With a minimal feel this store is one you can set up quickly. Powerful visual storytelling and large media options let your products take centrestage.


Source: Thalelo

Thālelo, for example, sells baby products using this theme.

13. Express


Theme Style: Bistro, Pantry

Theme Demo: Desktop 💻, Mobile 📱

With Express, you can start selling online with express speed. This Shopify theme is tailored to provide a polished look for stores with limited product photography, and is best suited with small or medium inventories. It is optimised for one-page stores that include a collapsible cart drawer, product models, and a responsive design.

Shopify themes for fashion and apparel businesses

Fashion and apparel businesses are consistently some of the most popular on Shopify. When choosing a Shopify theme for this vertical, look for an eye-catching design that includes enough functionality to let your customers see the finer details of your products. Photography, especially lifestyle photography, tends to run the show for fashion and apparel. 

Learn more: How to start an online store in India for your fashion and apparel business

14. Streamline


Price: $320 (approx INR 24,000)

Theme styles: Core, Luxe, Hype

Theme developer: Archetype Themes

Theme demo: Desktop 💻, Mobile 📱

Style and substance: Streamline features a handy sticky checkout, so customers’ carts are always in reach. You’ll also find built-in advanced product filtering, so customers can sort by brand, type, colour, or size on the collection page.

HeritageModa Store

Source: HeritageModa Store

Check out the luxurious selection of Indian handmade scarves on HeritageModa, which uses this theme effectively to make their products stand out with the Luxe style preset.

15. Context


Price: $250 (approx INR 18,750)

Theme styles: Chic, Modern, Essential

Theme developer: Fluorescent Design Inc.

Theme demo: Desktop 💻, Mobile 📱

If you’re not a single product business and don’t sell a massive catalogue of products, Context may offer the perfect sweet spot. Context includes a nice balance of features, including advanced product filtering and search for discovery, but also bold, story-focused product pages so you can highlight flagship items.

16. HandyHandy

Price: $180 (approx INR 13,500)

Theme styles: Light, Cool, Fresh

Theme developer: Pixel Union

Theme demo: Desktop 💻, Mobile 📱

Handy’s mobile-first design was built from the ground up for smaller devices and mobile commerce. Featuring custom promotion tiles and continuous product scroll functionality, customers will find it easy to browse and buy your products on mobile. Sequence Lounge store

Source: Sequence Lounge store

Sequence Lounge, for example, has a Handy storefront that looks simply elegant, especially on a mobile screen.

17. Venue


Price: $280 (approx INR 21,000)

Theme styles: Morning, Evening, Weekend, Twilight

Theme developer: Safe As Milk

Theme demo: Desktop 💻, Mobile 📱

Venue is a great choice for businesses who sell online and in-person, with a dates and events section that’s perfect for getting customers to visit your brick-and-mortar store as well. There are additional unique features like a built-in age-checker popup for businesses selling age-restricted products.

17. Snackible store

Source: Snackible store

Interestingly, Snackible adapts this fashion and apparel oriented theme for selling healthy snacks. This just goes to prove the versatility of Shopify themes.

18. Galleria


Price: $250 (approx INR 18,750)

Theme styles: Empire, Boutique, Showroom

Theme developer: Mile High Themes

Theme demo: Desktop 💻, Mobile 📱

Is your store selling an entire wardrobe? Galleria blends the perfect mix of features to encourage discoverability and fine-tooth inspection, with collection filtering in the sidebar along with quick views for individual products and bold, image-focused product pages.

The Head Scarves

Source: The Head Scarves

The HeadScarves use galleria to great effect, drawing no attention away from their product images.

Shopify themes for jewellery and accessory businesses

When it comes to jewellery and accessories, it’s vital that your is as beautiful as the products you sell, while ensuring that it doesn't compete for attention with your products itself. A website that thematically reflects your brand’s aesthetic will reinforce your branding to create a distinct recall. Capture the impulse purchases with conversion rate optimised product pages with clean photographs that make your products pop.

19. Modular


Price: $250 (approx INR 18,750)

Theme styles: Chelsea, Mayfair, Hoxton

Theme developer: Presidio Creative

Theme demo: Desktop 💻, Mobile 📱

Modular grid-focused design is built with branding and conversion in mind. The product grid lets you showcase collections, products, or brand images, while the ‘quick buy’ feature and built-in testimonials can help drive more sales.

20. District

DistrictPrice: INR 16,500 ($220)

Theme styles: District, Energy, Coast

Theme developer: Style Hatch

Theme demo: Desktop 💻, Mobile 📱

Have a featured product or collection you’d like to highlight? District can help you put the limelight on a recent release or flagship product with a prominent home page video or slideshow. You can also catch customers’ attention with a built-in banner or pop-up model.

Mike Nile Store

Source: Mike Nile Store

Mike Nile uses the theme District to showcase their gen-z graphic tees for consumers.

21. Prestige


Price: $300 (approx INR 22,500)

Theme styles: Allure, Couture, Vogue

Theme developer: Maestrooo

Theme demo: Desktop 💻, Mobile 📱

Built for sellers of premium products, Prestige supports high-resolution product imagery that’s perfect for visual storytelling. You'll also find image hotspot linking so you can share the finer details of your products, along with a built-in timeline tool to tell your brand's story.

Velvet Box by Shweta

Source: Velvet Box by Shweta

Find beautiful traditional jewellery at Velvet Box by Shweta and with this theme they can showcase all the details in the image of their product.

22. Impulse Impulse

Price: $320 (approx INR 24,000)

Theme styles: Modern, Vintage, Bold

Theme developer: Archetype Themes

Theme demo: Desktop 💻, Mobile 📱

Put the right offer and product in front of your customers with Impulse, which features custom promotion tiles, collection sidebar filters, sub-listings in collections, and the ability to create custom promotional content on collection pages.

The Postbox

Source: The Postbox

Luggage and bags Shopify brand Postbox has designed it with a Modern style preset just like their products.

Shopify themes for houseware and home/ garden businesses

When you sell products that fit your customers' personal spaces, your job is to help them envision life after their purchase. A sunroom might get the perfect accessory, and a garden may find a theme the customer enjoys—in most cases, your product will become a way the customer shapes the space they live in.

23. Cascade


Price: $240 (approx INR 18,000)

Theme styles: Classic, Bright, Modern

Theme developer: Switch

Theme demo: Desktop 💻, Mobile 📱

Let your customers envision your products in their space with Cascade's unique narrative-focused design. You'll also find a masonry-style grid and built-in product feature highlights, so your products are easy to find and understand.

24. Artisan


Price: $180 (approx INR 13,500)

Theme styles: Barcelona, Phoenix, Victoria

Theme developer: Out of the Sandbox

Theme demo: Desktop 💻, Mobile 📱

Does your business blend products and complementary services? Artisan lets you create a tailored contact form that perfectly suits your business needs. This Shopify theme also includes elegantly designed tables so you can feature products, services, or both side-by-side.

Jagtap Nursery store

Source: Jagtap Nursery store

Jagtap Nursery sells plants and gardening equipment using the theme Artisan which works splendidly for this category.

25. Story


Price: $250 (approx INR 18,750)

Theme styles: Chronicle, Quest, Heritage

Theme developer: Groupthought

Theme demo: Desktop 💻, Mobile 📱

Every business has a story that makes its presence in the space unique. Story is, unsurprisingly, built to help you tell it. There's the familiar timeline tool, story-focused product pages, and even a team showcase so customers know ‘what’ and ‘who’ before they buy.

26. Responsive


Price: $220 (approx INR 16,500)

Theme styles: London, Paris, New York, San Francisco

Theme developer: Out of the Sandbox

Theme demo: Desktop 💻, Mobile 📱

For certain home and houseware products, customers have to imagine it alongside other aesthetic choices they've made. Responsive plays nicely with this need, by having colour swatches available by default, along with full-width photography and FAQ pages to let customers see all of the details, the way they'd like to.

27. Mr. Parker

Mr. Parker

Price: $220 (approx INR 16,500)

Theme styles: Wardrobe, Sunset, Apothecary, Desk

Theme developer: We Are Underground

Theme demo: Desktop 💻, Mobile 📱

Looking for the ideal sweet spot for a medium-sized catalogue? Mr. Parker may be the best Shopify theme for you. With native product filtering and a sidebar to curate collection pages, customers looking to outfit their whole space will be sure to find what they need.

Blank Slate Home Decor store

Source: Blank Slate Home Decor store

You can find aesthetic home decor products at Blank Slate Home that use a Desk style preset for their products to stand out.

Shopify themes for health and beauty businesses

When you're looking for a best-fitting Shopify theme for your health, beauty, or fitness business, remember that you're often selling the outcome rather than the product itself. Customers often want to visualise either how the product will make them look or how they'll use it to improve their appearance, energy levels, etc. Look for Shopify themes that let your design showcase a nice interplay between the products you sell and the people who use them. 

Learn more: How to Sell Makeup Online 

28. Blockshop


Price: $250 (approx INR 18,750)

Theme styles: Beauty, Adorn, Summer, Deli

Theme developer: Troop Themes

Theme demo: Desktop 💻, Mobile 📱

Blockshop's front-and-centre header slideshow (with optional video) lets you put one of your key products, or categories, front, and centre. Meanwhile, the grid layout makes it easy for customers to discover new arrivals, sales, and other popular collections.

Earthyboon Store

Source: Earthyboon Store

For example, Earthyboon’s Blockshop-themed store features the best of their products, front and centre on the home page.

29. Testament


Price: $240 (approx INR 18,000)

Theme styles: Genesis, Exodus, Revelation, Deliverance

Theme developer: We Are Underground

Theme demo: Desktop 💻, Mobile 📱

Sell premium beauty products with Testament's lustrous design and colourways. With the product quick-view (so customers won't have to leave their current page when viewing product details) and the available sticky navigation, you'll be able to blend stylish, chic designs with high conversions.

30. Envy


Price: $350 (approx INR 26,250)

Theme styles: Copenhagen, Oslo, Gothenburg, Stockholm

Theme developer: Eight

Theme demo: Desktop 💻, Mobile 📱

Envy's clean aesthetic has the perfect layout for differentiating flagship products (or products on sale) from your other collections. And you can capture emails with the built-in marketing popup or point your customers in the right direction with a banner.

Gorg Store

Source: Gorg Store

With Gothenburg style, Gorg’s beauty products look stunning, and it uses the built-in marketing popup to encourage sign-ups.


31. Vantage


Price: $240 (approx INR 18,000)

Theme styles: Clean, Mono, Reclaimed, Black

Theme developer: We Are Underground

Theme demo: Desktop 💻, Mobile 📱

With Vantage's bold style, you're sure to turn heads - you'll also turn visitors into customers. Since finding the right colourway is often crucial for beauty products, Vantage lets you display colour swatches on all of your product pages.

32. Atlantic


Price: $240 (approx INR 18,000)

Theme styles: Organic, Light, Modern, Chic

Theme developer: Pixel Union

Theme demo: Desktop 💻, Mobile 📱

Does your business exist to fill customers’ vanity tables? Atlantic is a great Shopify theme for beauty businesses with large catalogues that need a clean, accessible way to surface products and let customers effortlessly add items to their cart.

Shopify themes for art and photography businesses

No surprise, art and photography stores require a Shopify theme that lets them put each work on display, while still letting customers find the right print, style, or aesthetic for them. The right balance between uncompromising photography quality and careful curation can be tricky, but these Shopify themes will help you find the sweet spot. 

Learn more: How to Sell Photos Online

33. Editorial


Price: $220 (approx INR 16,500)

Theme styles: Agency, Armour, Adventure

Theme developer: Switch

Theme demo: Desktop 💻, Mobile 📱

Perfect for print! While Editorial offers several great features to power your written content, such as its ability to support multiple blogs, it's also an ideal match for high-resolution photography. Best of all, it includes image zoom functionality for all products so customers can see every detail.

That Sassy Thing store

Source: That Sassy Thing store

Adult toys never looked better. With the Agency theme, That Sassy Thing Store looks even sassier.

34. California


Price: $240 (approx INR 18,000)

Theme styles: California, Cartomaps, Sundays, Kentia

Theme developer: Small Victories

Theme demo: Desktop 💻, Mobile 📱

A Shopify theme for the prolific artists (or just the organised ones). California sports a lean, simple design with advanced product filtering and a home page collection grid, so you can feature products from multiple collections for easy browsing.

35. Icon


Price: $240 (approx INR 18,000)

Theme styles: Dolce, Christian, Yves, Vera

Theme developer: We Are Underground

Theme demo: Desktop 💻, Mobile 📱

Your prints, designs, or paintings leave an impression; your online store should do so too. With a design that accommodates large photographs and images, native slideshow functionality, and a quick view of product details, Icon may offer the perfect design to artists.

Gulabi Dori store

Source: Gulabi Dori store

Gulabi Dori’s use of the theme Icon makes their traditional Indian apparel stand out artistically.

36. Symmetry


Price: $300 (approx INR 22,500)

Theme styles: Beatnik, Salt Yard, Chantilly, Duke

Theme developer: Clean Canvas

Theme demo: Desktop 💻, Mobile 📱

For larger catalogues, Symmetry features a bevy of tools to help you find the right layout and design. With reorderable home page rows, multi-column and multi-level menus, and a long-form design available on the homepage, your store will be able to help customers find the piece that speaks to them.

37. Label


Price: $250 (approx INR 18,750)

Theme styles: Music, Fashion, Book

Theme developer: Switch

Theme demo: Desktop 💻, Mobile 📱

Prefer to use your unique aesthetic for a small, hand-picked sample of products? The Label theme from Shopify is built for the contemporary designer and seller with a small catalogue. The full-width imagery and front-and-centre layout will make your flagship product impossible to miss.



PRSPERITY’s fashion and apparel store greets you with a widescreen rampwalk of models wearing their products using a fast-loading video banner on the home page using the theme Label.

Shopify themes for Pet Supplies and Toy/ games businesses 

What is it that unites the various product types in this category? Playfulness, perhaps. Also, all of these products have been trending. Enter the marketplace with the most suitable Shopify themes that help you ride the wave with great conversions.

38. Boost


Price: $280 (approx INR 21,000)

Theme Styles: Bloom, Inspire, Spark, Flourish

Theme Developer: Clean Canvas

Theme demo: Desktop 💻, Mobile 📱

This Shopify theme boosts your interaction with the customers, allowing your brand personality to shine through with feature-rich sections, immersive content, and personalised promotions. This theme offers you all the tools you need to compete with big retailers: SEO, performance, flexible sections, promotions, advanced product filters, and more.

Sports Kingdom store

Source: Sports Kingdom store

Just like the name suggests, Sports Kingdom boosts their collection with a trendy and energetic design using the theme boost.

39. Reach


Price: $180 (approx INR 13,500)

Theme Styles: Plush, Natural, and Solid.

Theme Developer: Pixel Union

Theme demo: Desktop 💻, Mobile 📱

Reach to the hearts of customers with your photo, item, or image's story on a dedicated 'Story' page connected in the header. With this theme, make an energetic experience by tailoring movements and symbols. You can also feature the images of items in client tributes and link directly to the product page. This is a perfect theme designed specifically for smaller devices and mobile commerce.

MuuYee store

Source: MuuYee store

MuuYee is an Indian Shopify store that sells kids apparel & products. They use the theme Reach in a Natural style preset.

40. Sunrise


Price: $240 (approx INR 18,000)

Theme Styles: Spring, Beach Hut, Uplift, and Digitale.

Theme Developer: Rawsterne Web Design & Illustration

Theme demo: Desktop 💻, Mobile 📱

This theme is ideal for commercial stores with a large number of products. This theme has very bright sunrise-like colours in it and is perfect for kids’ products or toys.

Shopify themes for Food and Beverages businesses 

Quick ordering and checkouts, accessible and easily navigable menus, optimised recommendations, personalisation, and more – there are plenty of factors that go into making a great food and beverage website. Themes in this list should give you food for thought, and your customers thought for food.

41. Canopy


Price: $280 (approx INR 21,000)

Theme Styles: Elegant, Fresh, Light, and Natural.

Theme Developer: Clean Canvas

Theme demo: Desktop 💻, Mobile 📱

Don’t we all need many options when we go out to eat?! With Canopy, you get exactly that, a truly versatile theme – order products from a large catalogue and quickly with the quick-cart. This theme is developed with expertly written, high-quality code that is optimised for performance to let you be fast and right out of the box.

42. Fresh


Price: $350 (approx INR 26,250)

Theme Styles: Sweet, Smooth, and Sharp.

Theme Developer: Eight

Theme demo: Desktop 💻, Mobile 📱

A perfect starting point for Fresh food and drink stores with three presets and unlimited possibilities. It also has the ability to filter by brand, type, colour, size, and more which helps customers to better browse your products. With built-in age verification, you can check your customers' age without installing any additional app. This Shopify theme is lightweight, fresh, performant, and perfectly integrated with the theme.

Peer Drink store

Source: Peer Drink store

Peer Drink gets its customers covered with the fresh theme with a sweet style preset, maximising the impact of its product photography.

43. Mobilia


Price: $180 (approx INR 13,500)

Theme Styles: Milan, Napa, Sydney, and Tokyo.

Theme Developer: Out of the Sandbox.

Theme demo: Desktop 💻, Mobile 📱

Using promotional tiles in the theme Mobilia, you can promote sales, discounts, and featured products. You will be able to display related product pages so customers can continue shopping. Perfect for stores with medium-sized catalogues, built to fit medium-sized catalogues.

Shopify themes for Electronics and Business Equipment/ Supplies Businesses

Feature driven products have specific website design needs that convey benefits, while making room for the information-heavy list of specifications, without cluttering up your online real estate, and your customers’ minds. All of the themes below fit the bill.

44. Warehouse


Price: $300 (approx INR 22,500)

Theme Styles: Metal, Wood, and Fabric.

Theme Developer: Maestrooo.

Theme demo: Desktop 💻, Mobile 📱

Organise, present, and filter large catalogues easily, with powerful collection pages tailored for large catalogues that feel like you own an online warehouse. It also has layouts that adapt to your needs, is highly versatile and with customised settings, it gives you complete control over the design and appearance of your products, content, and other aspects. 

45. Kingdom


Price: $250 (approx INR 18,750)

Theme Styles: King, Queen, and Prince.

Theme Developer: Krown Themes.

Theme demo: Desktop 💻, Mobile 📱

Want to make a kingdom out of your online business? This Shopify theme has an interactive sidebar area, allowing the navigation elements to fit more information, and is faster to scan, making your content always visible because it will be shown in a vertical scroll with parallax effects. By emphasising featured products, you can make your collection grid more engaging and take a first step towards making your store nothing less than a kingdom. 

Olivewing Store

Source: Olivewing Store

Even stationery looks so good with Kingdom that Olivewing uses it in King style.

Getting started is easy

Start-ups need to perform a fine balancing act between getting it right and getting it done. And with the number of variables to juggle in setting up your online storefront, getting it right is an ongoing process. Therefore, getting your online store done, and then getting it right incrementally makes good sense. 

With the variety of industry-specific but adaptable themes on Shopify to choose from, you can get a great online storefront up and running in no time, with the basic optimisations for ecommerce already in place.

Make it a point to try out your theme for free before purchasing it. And find all the important metrics on your store’s dashboard, and keep optimising.

Get started with Shopify’s free trial.


Which theme is the best for Shopify?

The most popular Shopify Theme in India is Dawn with over 20,000 users.

There are a number of free and premium Shopify themes available for a great variety of industries and uses. Choosing the best theme, however, will depend on the needs of your specific industry.

Can you pirate Shopify Themes?

It is illegal to pirate Shopify Themes.

Shopify has a number of free and premium themes, available with your Shopify subscription. Beyond the free trial, you need a subscription to avail of the free themes. Premium themes are paid additionally, and licensable to use for a single store only, and a part of the amount you pay goes as a license fee to the developer. Inappropriate duplication of Shopify Themes and its use without paying the applicable fees or subscription is considered piracy.

Is it worth buying a Shopify Theme?

Yes. While Shopify’s free themes offer many great customisation options, Shopify’s premium themes, created by Shopify’s web development partners, offer a greater variety of themes specific to your need, right out of the box. Therefore, you may want to consider a premium theme if it shows significant potential for generating revenue, depending on your specific requirements.

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