The Build A Business Tool Kit for Partners


In September, we launched the Shopify Partners Build A Business Competition. If you helped launch one of the five winning Shopify Merchants’ shops, you’ll take home $10,000 USD along with a handful of other prizes including a listing in our Shopify Experts Marketplace.

There are two easy ways to enter your clients into the Build A Business Competition:

  1. For existing eligible stores (signed up after June 1 2014), enter their myshopify URL here.
  2. For new stores, click the opt-in checkbox on the “Create Dev Shop” form.

Merchants are super excited to get online before Black Friday (Nov. 28th) and Cyber Monday (Dec. 1st). They can take advantage of these holiday sales to ramp up their standings in the Build A Business Competition – we take their best two months of GMV to determine our winners.

We’ve already shared the competition’s launch video, but we’ve compiled a whole bunch of additional assets you can share to get your clients excited.

Scroll to the bottom to download all of these assets at once.

Reach Out to Former Clients

Telling your new clients about Build A Business is a great way to get them excited about choosing you as a Shopify Partner, but be sure to get in touch with previous clients also who may not have heard about the competition.

Here’s some text you can share in an email to former clients whose Shopify store launched after June 1 2014:

Hi (first name),

Hope you’re loving your new Shopify store and getting excited for some holiday sales.

I wanted to get in touch to make sure you’ve heard about Shopify’s Build A Business Competition. Essentially, you could win an all-expenses paid, one-week trip to Richard Branson’s private island. There, you’ll receive mentorship from Sir Richard himself, along with entrepreneurial icons Seth Godin, Daymond John, Tim Ferriss and Marie Forleo.

The competition doesn’t cost anything to enter, and winners are chosen based on the highest two months of sales – that’s why it’s a great idea to enter before the holidays!

If you’re interested, let me know and I’ll make sure you’re entered into the competition. I’d love to see you do well because I know what a great business you’re building, and I’ll also be eligible for a prize if you win!

Thanks for reading, talk to you soon!

(Your name)

Outlining the Prize

If they’re interested, here are some more details about what they could win:

  • Your own private jet: Private transportation to and from Necker Island
  • Entrepreneur Island: Five days and four nights on the ultra-exclusive Necker Island with a guest, fellow winners, and our mentors. Enjoy complimentary meals and drinks while keeping busy with water sports, tennis, pools and a jacuzzi.
  • Learn from the best: This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to gain mentorship and ask for insight from our renowned mentors: Richard Branson, Daymond John, Tim Ferriss and Marie Forleo.
  • Special Guest Seth Godin: Seth will lead an intimate group seminar for half a day on the island.

Social Media Sharing

Here is some sample content you could share on social media to let past, current and potential clients know about the competition.


Want to win a trip to Richard Branson's Island? Email me for details on @Shopify's #BuildaBiz Comp: (your email)

'Tis the season to ramp up holiday sales & win @Shopify's #BuildaBiz! DM me to learn how you can win a trip to Richard Branson's island.

Facebook or LinkedIn

Have a Shopify store or thinking of launching one before the holidays? You could win Shopify’s Build A Business Competition which will earn you a one-week trip to Richard Branson’s Private Island! You’ll also earn mentorship from Sir Richard, Seth Godin, Daymond John, Tim Ferriss and Marie Forleo.

I can help set up your Shopify store and get you on your way to winning the competition. It’s free to enter, so you have nothing to lose and only sales to gain! Email me for more details: (your email).

Pinterest or Instagram

We’ve got a bunch of great graphics and visuals you can share to compel your audience to join the Build A Business Competition – read on.

Write a Blog Post

Do you have a blog that you use to share content with your clients? Are you a guest blogger on someone else’s blog from time to time?

A blog post is a great way to share information about the competition, as well as marketing the services you can offer as a Shopify Partner.

Feel free to draw content from the Shopify Build A Business Competition landing page, and use the assets below to enhance your post.

Build a Business Assets

Marketing banners are a great addition to your webpage, emails or blog post about the Build A Business Competition.

You'll find 15 banners of various shapes and sizes in our assets kit that you can download at the end of this post.

Last year's Build A Business Competition attracted more than 21,000 competitors who collectively sold $120 million worth of products.

We pulled together a bunch of impressive stats, as well as brief bios of our winners, in an infographic about the competition. You can view it here.

Download the full-sized version of the infographic in the assets kit at the bottom of this post.

Our downloadable asset kit includes a variety of Shopify logos, as well as a Shopify Build A Business logo you can use.

To view additional logos, visit the Shopify Design & Logo Guidelines page. 

You'll find an aerial view of Necker Island in our kit, as well as a close-up of the island – which is where the winners will spend a week with Richard Branson and the other mentors.

Perhaps the view alone will be enough to convince them they should enter for the chance to win a trip here!

The kit contains screenshots from three of our former winners: DODOcase, GoldieBlox and MVMT Watches.

For bios of our past winners, take a look at Shopify’s blog post announcing the winners.

If there’s any additional information that you think would help you promote the Build A Business Competition, let us know! We’ll be posting resources throughout the competition to help get you in the running.

Download Our Build a Business Assets


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