15 TikTok Video Ideas Followers Will Love

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TikTok has taken the world by storm, but it can be tricky to figure out what to film sometimes. We’ve put together 15 TikTok video ideas you can use for your brand in 2022—or your personal account. Whether you’re just getting started or need some inspiration to get you out of a creative rut, there’s a TikTok idea for everyone.

TikTok requires a different approach to other social channels, but coming up with a TikTok marketing strategy for your brand doesn’t have to be difficult. In fact, it can actually be fun. 

With so many new TikTok trends popping up, it can be tempting to jump on every one. But, it’s vital to consider what your audience wants to see. Hop on trends that make sense for you while remembering that it’s authentic social media content that will bring value to your brand and your followers.

Maybe your account has had a couple of viral TikToks, but now you’re stuck for ideas, or perhaps you’ve just created an account and don’t know where to start. Our easy TikTok account ideas will help you get your brand noticed, grow your following, and engage your community—all while staying true to your brand.  

1. Behind The Scenes

    Giving your followers an insight into what goes on behind the scenes of your company is a great way to get them involved and boost your engagement. 

    Behind-the-scenes content makes things more personal. Whether you’re a one-person show or have a team of 100, TikTok ideas that provide a peek behind the scenes will always be engaging. Show your team at work, behind the scenes at your photoshoots, or share something as simple as your morning coffee. Followers value this honest approach.

    New York-based fashion brand Cee Cee’s Closet NYC shared this authentic behind-the-scenes moment with followers, getting almost 300,000 views.

    @ceeceesclosetnyc Orders go out no matter what 😌 #skincareproductsmusthave #smallbusinesscheck #smallbusinesstiktok #nycsmallbusiness #shopifysmallbusiness ♬ I AM WOMAN - ❦ emmy meli ❦

    XXL and Co brand founder Tina Nguyen created this heartwarming video showing how her mother helps behind the scenes, and with 3.1 million views, it’s one of her brand’s most viewed posts to date. 

    @xxl.scrunchie Mom appreciation—she helps me out SO much ❤️ #smallbusiness #scrunchies #smallbusinesscheck #familybusiness ♬ A Thousand Years Piano - Twilight Piano for Films

    People love to see the relatable side of brands on TikTok, and more views mean more potential new customers.

    2. The Creative Process

    Revealing your brand’s creative process is another great TikTok idea. This could be a video of you making products by hand, sketching new ideas, or anything else that shows followers the creativity and skill you put into your brand. 

    Burn.in Candle Co’s TikTok account is full of videos showing how their various candles are made. Not only are they satisfying to watch, but they also show how much time and effort goes into each and every one of their candles.

    @burnincandleco pouring a candle tin start to finish #candletok #coconutwax #woodenwickcandles #NeedToKnow ♬ Food - Densky9

    If there’s anything more satisfying than shopping with small brands, it’s seeing the product being created by hand.  

    3. Inspiration

    Your TikTok account is the perfect place to share your brand’s values and ethos, reaching like-minded viewers and converting them into followers. 

    Share what inspires you and any other content that aligns with your brand values and mission. Your brand is more than just its products, and your TikTok account is a great place to make that stand out.

    Sustainable swimwear brand SevenSeas Swimwear is all about summer vibes, so it’s no surprise that this dreamy video shot in their photoshoot location got almost 2 million views. 


    vibes so far.. unmatched.

    ♬ original sound - Dani

    Create and post content that fits your brand’s mood, and it’s sure to resonate with your followers. 

    4. Sneak Peeks

    Engage your followers and build anticipation for upcoming launches or campaigns by teasing new products and giving your TikTok audience a first peek.

    Give followers the first look at new products, colorways, or anything else exciting your brand is working on. Offering sneak peeks also encourages your followers to come back for more.  

    Elyse Breanne Design took a trending song and created this simple but effective video, revealing her newest product range to her followers and showing her taking the product photos.  

    @elysebreannedesign I am *so* excited about how these turned out… unbox new suncatchers w me! 🌈#suncatcher #newproducts #unboxing #colorfulart ♬ Still Falling For You - From "Bridget Jones's Baby" - Ellie Goulding

    If something is exciting to you, then chances are it will be exciting to fans of your brand, too. Use this as a part of your TikTok ecommerce strategy to build momentum for a new product launch.

    5. Q&As

    TikTok’s new Q&A feature allows your audience to submit questions to your account. It’s the perfect way to engage with your followers and get invaluable customer insights and new content ideas. 

    By enabling the Q&A feature, you can allow your audience to flag their comments as questions,  making it easier for you to spot them and reply. 

    Soap brand Fizzy Soaps recently created this video in response to a follower’s question, which got almost half a million views. Combining a voiceover with a video of the soaps being created it’s a simple way to engage with followers.

    @fizzysoapss Reply to @strawberry_golden ♬ original sound - fizzysoaps

    The best part is that Q&As provide you with ready-made TikTok video ideas: you can dedicate multiple videos every week or month to answering the questions asked by your community. 

    6. Ask Your Audience 

    It’s not just your followers who can ask questions. Putting questions out to your audience is a surefire way to boost engagement and find out exactly what your followers think.

    What colors do customers want next season? What do they want to see more of on TikTok? Give them the opportunity to get involved and share their views, and you’ll gain valuable input from your target audience. 

    Parakeet Slimes Shop cleverly combines both ideas into one. The slime brand created this video responding to a follower’s question and throws it open to their audience, asking them for their thoughts—a sure-fire way to get even more engagement.

    @parakeetslimesshop Reply to @dhall10qwerty should we??! which foods/desserts should I make next? 🧇 ft. chocolate chip waffles #slime #satisfy #viral #MakeADogsDay #fyp #cooking #baking #slimeshop ♬ TWINNEM - Coi Leray

    7. Share Knowledge

    Whatever your industry or specialist subject, it’s time to share your skills. Own your niche and share your knowledge with followers in informative videos, from breaking down complex topics to creating fun how-to videos. 

    It’s a great way to reach more viewers within your niche and convert them to followers. Make it a regular series and consider making a TikTok Playlist so all your informative posts can be stored in one place as a go-to resource.

    Korean skincare brand Peach & Lily created a series revealing the little-known facts about Korean skincare. The video below got almost 1 million views, and it’s also part of a series that guarantees viewers will be back for more. 

    @peachandlilyofficial Reply to @fancyamazingly Overnight Star Night Cream is packed with peptides, squalene, and antioxidants to restore skin while you snooze 😴 Shop at @Ulta Beauty or PeachAndLily.com! #PeachAndLily #GlassSkin ♬ Pieces (Solo Piano Version) - Danilo Stankovic

    Not sure where to begin? Ask your followers or check for commonly searched questions within your niche. Search listening tools like AnswerThePublic are a good place to start. Answering commonly asked questions will create valuable evergreen content that people will return to again and again.

    8. Vlogs & Recaps

    Putting together a recap of your day, week, season, or event is a great and easy TikTok video idea. Add a trending sound and give your audience a quick and authentic insight into your brand.

    These vlogs act like a diary or scrapbook, and they’re perfect for rounding up a specific time period or event. Just throw together all of the best content that you’ve captured. 

    This example from jewelry brand Uncommon James stitches together video clips to capture the mood of a whole day, from buying flowers and hanging out with the dog to visiting the brand’s store and showcasing products. 


    Shop our Mother’s Day Sale for all the babes in your life (including you)!

    ♬ original sound - Uncommon James

    You don’t need a physical store to create something just as effective. Snap moments wherever you go, and you’ll have a constant supply of engaging vlogs. Give followers a real insight into your brand and effectively capture your aesthetic and ethos in these short posts—and the best thing is, you can rely on them repeatedly. 

    9. Story Time

    Who doesn’t love a good story? The #StoryTime hashtag is an excellent source of TikTok ideas and lets you get honest and personal with your followers. 

    From the story of how your brand started to your biggest inspirations (or even your biggest fails), these stories provide insight into your brand and are simple to film. Tell your own story or shine the spotlight on your team. Authenticity is key, and what better way to be real with your followers than by sharing stories yourself. 

    The creator behind Elyse Breanne Design uses a question from a follower as the starting point for this story video. Combining a personal story with footage of the artwork being created makes it extra personal.

    @elysebreannedesign Reply to @nannyyears thanks to zoom gallery view I got to see all of my classmates’ confused looks 🙃 #tiktokartist #painting #lawstudent #process ♬ Sleep On The Floor - The Lumineers

    10. Keep It Current

    It’s tempting to create content in advance, and this certainly works for other social media channels. When it comes to TikTok account ideas, it’s all about balance. Keep track of holidays and events and see what’s trending on TikTok at that time. Make sure you’re ready to react and create topical and relevant content.

    Topical content doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, sometimes simple posts are best! Natural deodorant brand Wild filmed this short video for their followers at Easter, showing their reusable deodorant cases repurposed as an Easter treat. It’s just a few seconds long but was seen over 100,000 times.

    @wildrefill Wishing everyone a Wild Easter 🐣 🥚🍫 #easter #easteregg #wild #wildrefill ♬ 10 Things I Hate About You - Leah Kate

    11. Share & Be Human

    Get real with your followers, and don’t be afraid to break that fourth wall. We’re all people here, and your audience loves hearing from the people behind the brand. 

    Isabella Lin of Fizzy Soaps took a break from the brand’s typical content to talk about and rate the videos that had previously gone viral. It’s refreshing to see a brand’s founder take center stage and discuss the realities of social media. 

    @fizzysoapss #greenscreen ♬ Send Me on My Way - Vibe Street

    If you have something you want to share or discover something that inspires you, your brand’s audience will most likely love it too. Try sharing favorite book recommendations or the Netflix series you can’t stop talking about.

    You don’t need to talk to the camera to make your brand feel more human. Using images and captions can work just as well. Imagine you’re sharing with a friend, and keep it short and sweet. 

    12. Introductions 

    This one might seem like a no-brainer, but introducing your brand, yourself, and your products in short videos is a great way to get exposure and ensure you’re reaching your target audience. 

    Take a look at this video from skincare brand aavrani: It’s a short and sweet introduction to the brand, its product, and its story. It’s not only effective at explaining the product and its benefits, but it also gives the brand a friendly and relatable face. 

    @aavrani I developed a turmeric mask inspired by my grandmothers recipe 💙 #AAVRANI #skincare #acne #cleanskincare #turmericmask #browntok #GossipGirlHere ♬ Alors on danse - Slowed - Stromae

    Feel Your Soul’s intro video is another great example of making a brand feel human and introducing new audiences to the people behind the brand.   

    @feelyoursoul_ The story of how I came up with my business idea while working at Trader Joe’s ☺️ #traderjoes #smallbusiness #converse #smallbusinesscheck ♬ original sound - Feel Your Soul 😊

    Even if you’ve been posting for a while, it’s never a bad idea to introduce yourself and your brand to your followers. Why not take every new follower milestone as an opportunity to re-introduce yourself and say hi to new followers? Or pin your introduction story to your profile so any new followers can get to know you.

    13. Tips & Tricks

    Who doesn’t love a good life hack? Share your best tips and tricks to create videos to get people talking. Focus on your niche and share product or life hacks that will interest and engage your audience.

    Skincare brand Drunk Elephant created this simple video to show how their products can be mixed and matched to create a “smoothie.” Some product images, trending audio, and a caption is all it takes. 

    @drunkelephant Mixing is the new layering. #drunkelephant ♬ borderline - lovdfilmz

    14. Duet & Stitch

    TikTok’s Duet and Stitch features can be found in the Effects menu and allow you to collaborate with other TikTok users.

    They’re the perfect way to react to or elaborate on content you’ve spotted that hits a nerve with you—and, ideally, your audience. They can even be a good way to create funny TikTok videos, as you’re really relying on whoever you’re dueting or stitching with to make the bulk of the content. While Duet will create a split-screen effect that lets you react in real-time alongside another video, the Stitch feature allows you to clip and edit a recording responding to an existing video.

    15. Collaborations

    Teaming up with other TikTok accounts is a sure-fire way of reaching new audiences. Influencer marketing allows your brand to reach a whole host of potential new followers who most likely have interests that align with your brand.

    We’ve already shown how skincare brand Peach & Lily share their own knowledge, but they also teamed up with one of TikTok’s favorite dermatologists, Dr Zion, in this video.

    @peachandlilyofficial Glass Skin Refining Serum is basically glass skin in a bottle👌🏼 @dr.zionko #PeachAndLily #GlassSkin #GlassSkinGoals #skinhealth #skintokthings #skin ♬ original sound - Peach & Lily

    This video not only spreads the word about Peach & Lily’s products but also builds trust.When it comes to skincare, is there anyone more reliable than a dermatologist? It doesn’t always need a doctor’s opinion, though. Well-known faces and relatable, trusted opinions work just as well.

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    These TikTok Video Ideas Are Just The Beginning

    These TikTok video ideas are a great starting point to help you find what works for your brand and your audience. Many of these videos result in even more content, meaning you’ll never be stuck wondering what to post. 

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    TikTok video ideas FAQ

    What are some ideas for TikTok videos?

    1. Behind The Scenes
    2. The Creative Process
    3. Inspiration
    4. Sneak Peeks
    5. How Tos & Information
    6. Q&As
    7. Ask Your Audience
    8. Vlogs & Recaps
    9. Story Time
    10. Keep It Current
    11. Share & Be Human
    12. Introductions
    13. Tips & Tricks
    14. Duet & Stitch
    15. Collaborations

    What content is best for TikTok?

    The best TikTok content engages your audience and encourages them to like and comment on your video. Try doing TikTok challenges and using TikTok’s Duet and Stitch features to encourage your audience to respond directly to your content.