Enabling smooth payments in Germany with Shopify Payments

October 30, 2018

Shopify is excited to launch Shopify Payments in Germany, providing merchants in market with everything you need to easily accept payments. Shopify Payments is fully integrated into Shopify, which means it’s incredibly easy to offer your customers a range of payment options, including global payment provider Klarna.

Shopify Payments makes accepting payments from your customers simple and painless, and supports major credit card networks globally. To help support our growing international merchant population, we’re also adding locally relevant payment methods to Shopify Payments wherever it makes sense, and that’s why we’re excited to be offering Klarna’s Sofort Pay Now as an option in Shopify Payments today, with Klarna’s Pay Later coming soon to provide even more options to your customers.

We’re thrilled to offer services that scale with our merchants, both in terms of the size of their business and the global scope of their ambitions, and our latest expansion of Shopify Payments is a great example of everything we’re doing to support small businesses everywhere.

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