Enterprise retail search and discovery gets a major upgrade: Commerce Components by Shopify 🤝 Google Cloud

March 23, 2023

  • Shopify and Google Cloud deepen partnership to tackle search abandonment, which costs retailers trillions
  • Partnership marks continued momentum for Commerce Components, Shopify’s enterprise solution that launched in January 2023  
  • Google Cloud’s Discovery AI solutions will be the latest integration available through Commerce Components by Shopify, solving one of the biggest pain points for enterprise retailers

We need to talk about the cost of bad search. A Google Cloud-commissioned Harris Poll survey found that search abandonment—when a consumer looks for a product on an online store, doesn't find what they want, and leaves—costs retailers around the world more than $2 trillion annually. Enterprise businesses with 1000s of SKUs don't just need great search—they can't afford to do business without it.

That’s why we’ve deepened our long-standing partnership with Google to bring Google Cloud’s search and discovery tooling to enterprise brands using Commerce Components by Shopify. Discovery AI solutions will be available to the largest brands in the world to integrate directly with their online stores using Commerce Components by Shopify. 

“Our partnership with Google Cloud brings together the best in commerce with the best in search to unlock a trillion dollar opportunity for brands,” said Harley Finkelstein, President of Shopify. “We know that 69% of consumers in the US alone say a store’s search is the most common way they shop, but only around 10% are getting consistently accurate search results. It’s a massive problem that we’re excited to help enterprise retailers solve through our continued work with Google.”

Google Cloud’s Discovery AI solutions include capabilities like:

  • Retail Search to provide advanced understanding and better results for even the broadest queries, including non-product and semantic search to effectively match product attributes with store content, leading to fast, relevant product discovery
  • AI-powered personalization providing optimal product display and ordering once shoppers choose a category, like "women's jackets" or "kitchenware." In addition, search personalization and recommendations AI surface products by recognizing patterns in a consumer’s behavior, such as clicks, adds to cart, purchases, and other information to determine shopper taste and preferences

“Google Cloud’s integration with Shopify enables brands to quickly deploy the power of AI,” said Thomas Kurian, CEO of Google Cloud. “By making it easier for retailers to create best-in-class product discovery experiences, shoppers can now find exactly what they want faster.”

One of the first Shopify retailers to use the integration is Rainbow Shops, an apparel brand with locations across the U.S. and 1000s of products.

“For a retailer of our size, working with a commerce platform that unlocks agility and flexibility for all parts of our business is critical,” said David Cost, Vice President of eCommerce and Marketing at Rainbow Shops. “Shopify, and their partnership with Google Cloud, means that we easily integrated Google-quality search directly with our online store, and the results speak for themselves with search volume up 48%.”  

Commerce Components by Shopify, the modern, composable stack for enterprise retail, launched earlier this year. Existing enterprise retailers on Shopify include Mattel, Glossier, JB Hi-Fi, Coty, Steve Madden, Spanx, and Staples. Learn more about Commerce Components by Shopify here

Google Cloud’s Discovery AI solutions are available globally to enterprise retailers using Commerce Components by Shopify.

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