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Shopify Launches API Platform and App Store

June 2, 2009

Online Merchants Can Now Develop and Sell Their Own Application

OTTAWA, ONTARIO — June 2, 2009 –, a premier hosted ecommerce solution provider, today on the company’s third anniversary announced the official launch of the Shopify API Platform and the Shopify App Store. Developers can now create and sell custom applications for the Shopify App Store, allowing Shopify’s more than 5,000 merchants to improve their online stores in a variety of ways.

The API (Application Programming Interface), known as the Shopify Platform, gives developers a complete and easy to use toolset for creating powerful applications to be used in Shopify’s online stores. The API is now officially released and supported after being in beta development with Shopify’s early release clients whose input has helped make the API robust and full-featured.

“With the integration of our API, it will not only allow our users’ stores to grow, but it will also give them more options in the customization of their shops,” said Tobias Lütke, CEO of Shopify. “Ecommerce is a highly individualized business. Every store wants to offer a unique buying experience but providing too many features makes the software cumbersome and difficult to use. The Shopify API solves this by allowing merchants to install exactly the features they need to get the most out of their store.”

“Our user base consists of established businesses that want to build on their online presence, and also new start-ups that aren’t afraid of trying a new application or tool. They are dedicated to the success of their business,” Lütke added. “And our Partners can get a recurring source of revenues by developing great applications for these stores.”

Each new application will be advertised to Shopify’s 5,000 merchants and all transactions through the App Store will be managed by Shopify, making the process simple for both developers and storeowners.

The Shopify App Store is launching with several applications ready to be installed, including:

  • Pixel Printer – an application that makes printing invoices simple
  • PowerReviews App – a full-featured customer reviews application
  • FetchApp – easy-to-use application for selling digital goods
  • Mapify – live geolocation of your customers’ purchases
  • BaseSync – tool for syncing a store’s products to Google Base

The Shopify API will make it possible for a developer to add to the growing list of Shopify Apps, and open discussion with store owners on the Shopify forums will help create a dialogue about what applications and features are most wanted. 

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