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Why choose a .hn domain?

.hn overview

Make your connection to Honduras loud and clear with a branded .hn domain name. As the country code top-level domain for Honduras, .hn is well-known and trusted by locals of the country. This makes it a great choice for businesses targeting Honduran consumers. It's also sometimes used as a domain hack by businesses that have a connection to the letters 'hn.'

.hn facts, stats & history

.hn was first introduced in 1993 and is managed by Red de Desarrollo Sostenible Honduras (RDS-HN). Although .hn was originally intended for Honduran people and businesses, the extension has no geographic restrictions on registration, meaning that anyone can buy a .hn domain name.

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Is .hn right for you?

.hn benefits

A .hn domain name is a great way to establish yourself as a business based in Honduras. It can also be used as a domain hack for businesses that can be abbreviated to "hn."

Ideas for your .hn domain

.hn is the perfect choice for businesses based in Honduras, as well as home networking companies, health nuts, and any other business that can be abbreviated to "hn."

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FAQ - Learn more about .hn domains

  • .hn is the country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for Honduras. It's best suited for business targeting local Hondurans, as well as a domain hack for business with a connection to the letters "hn."
  • Registering a .hn domain name is a great way to establish your identity as a Honduran business. It's also a great domain hack for non-Honduran brands.
  • Anyone in the world can buy a .hn domain name as long as it hasn't already been registered.
  • Yes, you can buy a branded .hn domain name through Shopify.
  • Shopify offers free SSL with all domains registered through our platform. With other registrars, SSL certification can cost you hundreds of dollars annually.