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A take out box of Tonnarelli pasta on a counter next to beverages and pasta sauce ingredients Spaghetti on plates, sitting on a countertop.
Leo Baldassare, owner of Famiglia Baldassare, standing behind a counter
Famiglia Baldassarre's website homepage using the Express Shopify theme Famiglia Baldassarre's website homepage on mobile using the Express Shopify theme

Express theme

A powerful platform with a familiar look

Quickly create a menu that looks and feels the way your customers expect, built on a platform trusted by millions of independent business owners like you across the world.

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Let your customers choose.

Curbside pickup

Offer buy online for curbside pickup from your retail location so payment is handled in advance.

Local delivery

Simply and safely deliver products to local customers without having to rely on logistics companies.


Your customers can show their appreciation by adding a tip to their order in checkout.

Mezzelune Pasta
Fresh pasta hanging to dry on a rack
Famiglia Baldassarre makes fresh pasta by hand
Baldassarre logo
Spaghetti on plates, sitting on a countertop.
Man seasoning pasta on plates with a pepper grinder.
Leo Baldassarre, owner Famiglia Baldassarre
“I make pasta, not websites.” Leo Baldassarre, owner Famiglia Baldassarre

How Leo Baldassarre brought his fresh pasta restaurant online

It takes decades to learn how to make the perfect pasta. That’s why we made sure it only takes minutes to create the perfect store.

Shopify’s restaurant online ordering solution took going online off Famiglia Baldassare’s plate so they could get back to putting pasta on yours.

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Famiglia Baldassarre provides pasta kits
The pasta is laid out to dry

Bring your restaurant orders online with Shopify

Join Leo and thousands of entrepreneurs who are already taking online orders with Shopify.

Grow with apps

Don’t compromise. Customize.

Quickly make Shopify your own by installing apps tailored to your unique business needs. With the Shopify App Store, you always have freedom and flexibility—fast.

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Instafeed logo


Baldassare added their gorgeous Instagram posts directly in their online store with a few clicks—zero coding required.

Shopify Email logo

Shopify Email

Leo sends beautiful custom-branded emails to his valued customers, and tracks his results, without ever leaving Shopify.

Google logo

Google Shopping

Baldassare is now finding brand new local customers with free product listings on the world’s largest search engine.

Stacked pasta kits displayed on the counter of Famiglia Baldassarre with Leo Baldassarre standing proudly beside.

Shopify Experts

Hire an expert to whip up your online store

Every restaurant setup is different. Browse recommended agencies and freelancers who have experience getting food and beverage online.

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