What’s New at Shopify: June 8, 2018

whats new june 2018

Now that you’ve had time to soak in the updates announced at Unite, we want to recap a few more! From translated admins to automated abandoned checkout emails, this edition of What’s New is packed with updates you don’t want to miss. We’ll cover:

1. Shopify goes multilingual


In the spirit of making commerce better for everyone, everywhere, Shopify is becoming multilingual! The first beta launched in early May, giving merchants the option of managing the core features of their store in six additional languages: French, German, Japanese, Italian, Brazilian Portuguese, and Spanish.

If you’re a Shopify Partner who creates development stores, you now have the option to change the language of the store. Merchants can also enable the beta themselves by following the link in our full Multilingual announcement article.

So far, thousands of merchants have adopted the beta, and we’re collecting feedback from them to continuously improve the offering. Many merchants have already told us they enjoy the switch and feel more at home by being able to work in their primary language.

Shopify is excited to kick off this initiative, and we’re continuously aiming to provide merchants with a platform and user experience that helps them grow successful businesses.

2. Automated abandoned checkout emails

whats new june 2018: abandoned checkout

Statistically, 67 percent of online shoppers leave products in their cart without completing their order. Now, if a customer abandons their checkout after they’ve provided their contact information, they're automatically emailed a reminder to prompt them to return to checkout. This gives all merchants with online stores the ability to boost sales with zero effort.

Previously, automated abandoned checkout emails were only available to merchants on more advanced plans, who had chosen to turn on the feature. Merchants on Basic plans could still send reminders, but the process was manual and time-intensive, or required a third party app.

If merchants prefer to opt out or personalize reminders, they can customize settings in their admin.

To learn more about automated abandoned checkout emails, check out this dedicated doc in the Shopify Help Center.

3. New premium fonts

whats new june 2018: premium fonts

We’re excited to announce that hundreds of new premium fonts are available on all themes in the Shopify Theme Store. The new fonts are from both Google and Monotype, and require that the latest version of a theme be downloaded from the Theme Store to access them. If you’re an advanced user, you can also follow our help doc to manually add fonts to themes.

These premium, high quality fonts will allow merchants to better communicate their brand identity through typography, and offer a user experience that reinforces who they are to customers.

To view the full list of fonts available, check out Shopify’s font library in our help center.

To read more about our new partnership with Monotype, follow this link.

4. GDPR updates

whats new june 2018: gdpr

Over the past month, GDPR has been a hot topic in the Shopify community (and the rest of the world, too). The law came into effect on May 25th, 2018, and affects how personal data of individuals located in Europe can be collected, stored, and processed.

If you’re a Shopify Partner who is involved in setting up and running merchants stores, make sure to read through our GDPR documentation in the help center. It will inform you of what you need to consider from a merchant’s point of view, as well as Shopify’s stance on privacy.

If you’re a Shopify Partner who develops apps, read through the blog article What App Developers Need to Know About GDPR for insights on what to be cognizant of when building and maintaining your app.

5. Collaborator account request expiry date

We updated pending collaborator account requests to be valid for 7 days after the request is made. If the merchant does not accept within this time frame, the request expires.

This update will help clear the clutter in your dashboard and reduce the risk of your business exceeding the limit of 200 pending requests, should merchants not reply promptly.

If you still need access to the store, you’re not out of luck. You can re-request access to the store after the initial request expired.

To learn more about collaborator accounts and the process of requesting access to a client’s store, follow this link.

That’s all for now!

Thanks for keeping up with Shopify Partners as we strive to empower a strong and connected ecosystem.

Have questions about these updates? Ask them in the comments below!


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