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Emarsys helps digital marketing leaders and business owners — at more than 2,500 companies — rapidly achieve targeted business outcomes by automating highly personalized and engaging omnichannel customer experiences. We are the partner of choice of the fastest-growing brands on the Shopify Plus platform.

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Just a note about how it was easy to implement, we have one e-commerce operations manager and one contract developer. The only person that needed to touch it was the e-commerce operations manager, so we didn’t have any developers involved in the implementation, which is in my experience unheard of.

Samantha Tedder, Senior Digital Marketing ManagerJolyn

We began looking for a new marketing platform when Tiger Mist was growing rapidly. We wanted a platform we could grow with, instead of grow out of, and we needed the ability to personalise communications according to our customers’ specific content and channel preferences.

Dominique Moretti, Ecommerce ManagerTiger Mist

With Shopify Plus and Emarsys we managed to set up a completely new and automated way to engage with our customers within just two months. We had all our lifecycle campaigns automated right from the launch. In such a short time and with little human effort, I think that's a very impressive result.

Arne Lorenzen, E-commerce ManagerShape Republic