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Shopping cart list vs. wish list

An individual who wants to start an ecommerce business should always keep the convenience of the customer in the forefront of his or her mind. This holds true no matter what type of product a person has to sell. The individual should constantly strive for ways to make the online ordering experience more efficient for visitors to his or her website. After all, there is no shortage of websites that sell products so it’s important to fight to impress every visitor. When it comes to an online business, the shopping cart and the wish list both play important roles in a customer’s positive experience. The following looks at how these two features contribute to the success of an ecommerce website.

The importance of a shopping cart list

At Shopify, we know the value of secure carts for shoppers who are browsing the inventory of an ecommerce website. A cart should keep track of all of the products that a customer intends to purchase. For instance, if an online store sells clothing, a customer can look in the cart to see if the sizes of all of the garments are correct. The shopping cart list also lets a customer know the quantities of each item. In addition, the prices, discounts, shipping cost, and total balance can be found on the shopping cart list. With one quick glance, a customer can see what he or she ordered as well as how much it will all cost. Plus, our cart solution provides customers with the option of changing quantities, sizes or other important details of an online order. These features add to the convenience and efficiency of a transaction made on a website of any kind. In some cases, a customer will ‘abandon’ an order for any number of reasons. Part of our cart solution provides eBusiness owners with a way to recover emails of visitors who have abandoned orders. Who knows? Perhaps an email from the online store will refresh the person’s interest in the items in his or her cart. We take care of many of the Internet transaction details so the owner of an eBusiness website can focus on increasing the appeal of his or her products.

The importance of a wish list to an online business

The software wish list plays a significant part in the process of conducting business online. With this feature, we help business owners to open up the door to potential sales. Also, a wish list is an invaluable organizational tool for visitors to an online business. This type of software gives customers the opportunity to make note of products that appeal to them. They may not want to purchase the products at that time, but may return in the future to do so. In addition, many people send out their wish lists to friends and family so they will know what gifts to buy for an upcoming birthday or other celebration. A wish list also serves as a reminder for a person who may not remember the name of a particular product seen on a website. A software wish list takes the place of a written reminder that a customer jots down about a particular product. A wish list can’t be lost or thrown into the garbage can by mistake! A wish list serves another purpose by sparking a customer’s interest in a similar item on an eBusiness website. He or she may see another interesting product while checking out one on his or her wish list. In short, there are many ways that a wish list can add to the bottom-line of an ecommerce website.

+ Jannelle Pierce