Shopify collabs

Case studies

Find out why the world’s best brands choose Shopify Collabs to run their influencer marketing programs.

A smiling man with a beard sitting at a round yellow table with a bowl of ramen in front of him. He’s lifting noodles with chopsticks and swirling them onto a spoon.

immi’s Ram Fam drives over $200K in sales

Learn how immi’s community of creators drove more than 4,400 orders.

3 Duradry products laying in the sun on a white marble table. There’s the Deep Cleansing & Deodorizing Wash, the AM Deodorant & Antiperspirant, and another tube that is unlabeled.

Duradry sees 29% decrease in customer acquisition cost

Learn how Duradry made $50,000+ in sales through just a few highly active creators.

A smiling little boy is sitting on a high-end daybed with a tan duvet wrapped around him.

Moonboon sees more than $1M in affiliate sales

Learn how Moonboon achieved an average ROI of 6.5x from influencer activations.

A white couple is walking down a boardwalk, pulling their roller bags. The boardwalk crosses over a river. The woman is wearing a knee-length white dress and the man is wearing khaki shorts, a floral short sleeve button down, and a black backpack.

Solgaard grew creator-generated revenue 287% MoM

Learn how this travel and lifestyle brand brought in over $50,000 in affiliate sales.

Authentic content sells products

Start collaborating with creators today.