Building a Commerce Platform for Everyone

Shopify goes multilingual - six new languages available in beta

Our mission to make commerce better for everyone is the foundation for everything we do at Shopify. Part of delivering on that promise means continually improving the shopping experience for your customers, wherever they are in the world, and ensuring you have a similarly exceptional experience when you use Shopify.

Today, we’re making two significant strides with our first ever multilingual beta for Shopify, and a forthcoming release of Local Payment Methods for Shopify Payments.

Your business, in your language

We’ve just released an early beta for Shopify in six languages: French, German, Japanese, Italian, Brazilian Portuguese, and Spanish.


The beta covers core features across Shopify to help you get started with your store and complete everyday tasks in your own language. We’re still polishing the experience, so while using Shopify in your language you may notice a few areas are in English, including the mobile app. This is temporary, and we’re working hard to bring you more of Shopify in your preferred language.

As part of the first group of stores using Shopify in your language, your feedback will help us make the experience better for everyone. While using the beta you’ll have a dedicated feedback form within Shopify; our team would love to hear what you think!

Join the beta today

To use Shopify in one of the six available languages, activate the beta and select your preferred language by clicking the button above. If you want to toggle back to English, you can easily change the language settings in your account.

New languages bring new opportunities for developer partners to experiment with localizing their applications. Some partners have started translating already, so keep an eye out for these in the App Store collections for your country.

Provide familiar ways to pay

No matter where your buyers are, we want to help you reach them with a seamless selling experience. That’s why starting this fall, stores using Shopify Payments will be able to offer local payment options to their customers, and will receive access to new payment methods as they become available.

With Local Payment Methods enabled, buyers will see the payment options they know and trust based on currency and regional popularity. Meeting local needs and expectations is crucial because purchasing patterns can vary greatly by region.

If you’re selling in North America, providing all the major credit cards as payment options gives customers a wide variety of ways to complete their purchase. However, credit cards aren’t everyone’s preferred method of paying online. In Germany, for example, only 22% of online purchases are made with a credit card, while payments directly from a bank account comprise over 40% of purchases.

Offering payment methods people expect, and are familiar with, improves the shopping experience and creates new opportunities to increase your conversion rate and drive more sales in other countries.

Making commerce better, everywhere

As the world grows more connected, entrepreneurs of increasingly diverse backgrounds are afforded new opportunities to sell and market to customers across borders.

At Shopify, we’re supporting this march toward the future by building a more personalized platform for everyone. Wherever you are, whether you’re buying or selling, we want to make commerce better for you.