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Crossrope increases revenue by 90% by replatforming amidst explosive growth

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With gyms closed and people searching for alternative at-home fitness solutions, Crossrope saw an opportunity to build its customer base during the COVID-19 pandemic. Increased demand meant the company needed a solution that could launch quickly and seamlessly during a period of explosive sales growth.

With its trusted partner Netalico, Crossrope built a brand new website with Shopify Plus that prioritized customer experience and optimized  backend performance to support the company as it scaled. Today, through Shopify Plus, Crossrope is also using Global-e to increase international traffic conversion rates and grow its online direct-to-consumer sales around the world with localized messaging, currencies, checkout, and payment methods.

We weren’t confident in our previous ecommerce platform’s ability to support us as we scaled. While it was risky to replatform during a period of intense sales demand, the risk paid off, and today we’re optimized for incredible international growth.


Srdjan Popovic — Chief Marketing Officer


Fitness and Nutrition

Vorig platform



Replatforming and Upgrades, Apps and Integrations, Growth and Scale

Met Shopify zag Crossrope snel resultaten.


Increase in revenue


Increase in conversion rate while maintaining average order value


Growth in transactions

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