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Tropeaka boosted its average order value, then sold $1 million in three days

In 2014, after a three-year bout with chronic fatigue, Caleb Marshall turned his life around by eliminating unhealthy foods from his diet. Back then, he saw an opportunity to make health foods appeal to younger generations. To him, many gym supplements weren’t truly healthy, so Marshall and his business partner Blake Mackenzie sourced the best global organic suppliers to found Tropeaka.

Since its launch, the all-natural nutrition brand has grown exponentially, from a business with very little marketing budget to projecting AU$20 million turnover per year. Tropeaka needed a technology partner to match its rapid scaling—to help with checkout traffic flows, increasing average cart value, optimizing its new wholesale channel in Australia, and opening a new one in New Zealand. With Shopify Plus, Tropeaka has enjoyed:

  • Average order value increasing by AU$5 across 15,000 orders per month
  • New wholesale channels linked to regional inventory management needs
  • A recent three-day event, which secured more than $1 million in sales

Tropeaka Matcha Tea.


When it launched in 2016, Tropeaka selected Shopify because it didn't want any security headaches or to have to invest in a lot of in-house technology development. The company wanted a partner that could manage the tech side while it invested in product development, sales, marketing, and customer service.

Implementation was easy, so when it came time for Tropeaka to scale to keep up with customer demand—and to open new wholesale channels to facilitate business to business (B2B) sales in Australia and New Zealand—upgrading to Shopify Plus was a given.

Tropeaka has a mission to treat its customers like good friends, and this naturally extends to the look and feel of its technology, website, and checkout. With Shopify Plus, the possibilities were endless with automation, new sales incentives, and regional wholesale channels to get the most out of Tropeaka’s B2B sales.

We already loved Shopify, so we went with Shopify Plus because we knew the ease of implementation and we had trust in the platform. We also know Shopify has a burning desire to remain number one in the market when there's so much competition out there, so we feel confident we are getting the best and latest implementations.


Caleb Marshall — Co-Founder and CEO


To help scale its online business for exponential growth, Tropeaka worked with Shopify Plus Solutions Partner Process Creative, which helped decide on and execute the right flows and platform infrastructure to reach its goals.

These flows included automated updates and the use of Shopify Scripts for optimizing cart and customizing checkout.

With it, Tropeaka could ensure the smoothest execution of its sales, while also providing incentives to promote extra order value and ensure customers automatically get a percentage off their cart value when they reach a certain threshold.

When you have such a large business, it just makes sense to rely on the best technology. It was an obvious step to go Shopify Plus. You need to have a platform that you know is going to help you grow.


Caleb Marshall — Co-Founder and CEO


Through Shopify Scripts, Tropeaka began to offer customer incentives like “free gift with purchase.” Its average order value soon increased from AU$89 to AU$94, which, across 15,000 orders per month, was a significant boost to the company’s bottom line.

Tropeaka also now has the flexibility and peace of mind to install new tools to use at its will, and undertake flash sales with the reassurance that they will work seamlessly at scale. Its last sale, New Year New You, was planned for the beginning of 2020. It was anticipated to be a big event, so of course the sale needed to run smoothly. Over three days, the sale returned over $1 million dollars in turnover without issue.

Closeup of Tropeaka Acai.

Tropeaka particularly enjoys being able to implement cross-selling and upselling, as well as allowing more complex carts on its site automatically.

Finally, Tropeaka’s new wholesale sites for Australia and New Zealand now feed seamlessly into its inventory management system to facilitate the nutrition brand’s growing B2B sales.

You can’t have technology that fails you when you're doing a sale over a three-day period that was well over a million dollars. We can now implement front-end scripts to sell at scale and back-end flows to batch operational tasks at volume, as well as offer incentives, and keep processes smooth. There were a lot of happy customers as a result.


Caleb Marshall — Co-Founder and CEO


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