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Slam Jam goes omnichannel and increases sales by 15% with Shopify POS

Slam Jam is the first Italian street culture company. Founded in 1989 in Ferrara, the brand has been serving global customers with its unique style and highly distinctive approach to fashion.

On top of its very successful ecommerce channel, Slam Jam has two physical stores in Italy, where it has implemented a full omnichannel approach since its migration to Shopify Plus.

Since moving to Shopify Plus, the brand has seen:

  • 122% CAGR (Compounded Average Growth Rate) in the first two months of 2023 with Shopify POS (+48% in 2022)
  • 15% increase in average daily orders since the activation of the in-store omnichannel strategy 
  • 50% decrease in setup and running costs compared to the previous platform.


Slam Jam always strived for an omnichannel approach to the business, but it used to crash against the reality of its prior platform's costs and technical difficulties. Their previous setup couldn’t handle multi-warehouse management, which made it impossible to use their physical stores as shipping hubs or to offer infinite stock to their customers.

Every solution they needed would have to be custom-built, with a long wait time to market at great cost. Moreover, Slam Jam experienced problems with their website uptime during peak sales periods.

"There was always something to solve and no time left to think about and implement new strategies,” recalls Giacomo Antonelli, Slam Jam’s Head of Omnichannel.


With the help of Shopify Partner Agency Cooder, the company chose to migrate to Shopify Plus, which would offer improved uptime and general savings.

After about a year, the brand decided it was time to use Shopify’s Point Of Sale to build their long-due omnichannel strategy. Today their Ferrara store is a fully integrated location, where they proudly offer every possible multi-channel solution, with a unified online and in-person selling experience:

  • kiosk;
  • pick up in store;
  • click and collect;
  • ship from store;
  • and more.

With Shopify POS, Slam Jam can provide the same customer experience in their physical stores as they do online. This innovative and personalized approach to sales is similar to what customers experience online. 

With iPad Pros available in the physical store, Slam Jam is able to easily collect first-party customer data directly from their buyers to help improve their marketing efforts. Buyers also use the tech as kiosks,for direct buying, or to get immediate help from shop assistants.

Every day the staff can build and personalize the POS homepage to highlight promotions and current stock, with no support needed from developers. Moreover Slam Jam makes use of native integrations and apps like Draft Order For Pos.

Shopify POS also offers an in-store pickup option if 100% of the items in the cart are already at the location — a huge improvement for both the retailer and customer experience. Without it, Slam Jam would have to ship from different locations for the same order. Instead, Slam Jam uses multi-location inventory and infinite stock: if the customer can’t find their size in store, staff can ship the correct one directly to their home.

Even gift cards have turned into a powerful marketing tool: customers can buy them online and use them in-store from their Wallet apps, with a push notification reminder sent to their phone as they pass by a store.


“Now we can really offer a seamless omnichannel experience, online or in-store is the same,” says Stefan Micucci, Store Manager, Slam Jam. 

In store, everything is seamless and immediate: clerks have full control and greater knowledge about their clients, and every process is smooth and just a few clicks away. This empowers the staff to provide better and faster customer service. 

Finally, Shopify's uptime is truly guaranteed and the site is always available. Before Shopify Plus, the only solution for them was an expensive third-party integration. Today everything is integrated into their system.

Shopify Plus understands retailers like no other in the world. It maps their requirements, studies their needs, and implements quick and cost-effective new solutions for their customers

Slam Jam

Giacomo Antonelli — Head of Omnichannel


Fashion and Apparel

Previous platform

Salesforce Commerce Cloud


Shopify Plus, Shopify POS

Use case

Multi-channel and Omnichannel, Retail and POS, Apps and Integrations

With Shopify, Slam Jam saw results fast.


Compounded average growth rate


increase in average daily orders


decrease in setup and running costs

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