Boost sales and loyalty with the power of discounts

Attract new customers and get more repeat business by launching promotions with Shopify

Already have a Shopify store?

Get creative with your discounts

Start simple

Create a discount code that provides a percentage, fixed monetary amount off, or free shipping.

Customize and configure

Apply a discount to an entire order, one or more collections, or a single product. Set, schedule, and configure minimum requirements for all discount types, including limited-time offers.

Reward top customers

Thank your most loyal customers with discounts just for them. Send discounts to groups or individuals.

Use Buy One, Get One discounts to increase your sales while maintaining profitability

Increase cart size and order value

Sell one or more items at full price while offering incentives in the form of reduced prices for select items.

Make room for new inventory

Move unwanted inventory quicker by making them part of BOGO promotions. Instead of selling one discounted item, quickly sell 2 or more.

Increase inventory velocity

Get customers to try new products by combining them with items they already use and discounting the new one.

Monitor performance and amplify what works

Simplified reporting

Get a clear understanding of what’s working and what isn’t. View full details by discount code, gross sales, returns, net sales and more.

Keep up to date with the discount timeline

Collaborate with your team using the discounts timeline to provide more detail about activities related to a discount and view its full history.

Share discounts to further increase sales

Use shareable discounts links to bring buyers right to the product page with discounts automatically applied at checkout, and promote the discounts on Facebook right from Shopify.

Checkouts with a discount code raise conversion chances by 25%

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