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Barcode scanners for Shopify POS

A barcode scanner, also known as a POS scanner, is designed to capture and decode information contained within barcodes, such as product identification, price, and inventory data. This streamlines the checkout process, ensures accurate pricing, and improves inventory management.

Shopify POS supports a variety of barcode scanners that provide reliable, ergonomic, and portable solutions for both stockroom and countertop applications. These scanners enable fast product addition to the cart at checkout and can be used up to 100 meters away from your iPad or iPhone.

Supported barcode scanners

  • Socket Mobile 1D Barcode Scanner (SocketScan® S700) - Available in black or white options.
  • Socket Mobile 2D Barcode Scanner (SocketScan® S720) - Available in black or white options.
  • Socket Mobile 2D Barcode Scanner (SocketScan® S740) - Available in black or white options.

Enjoy free shipping and hassle-free 30-day returns on all Shopify-supported barcode scanners. Additionally, these scanners are covered under a 1-year limited manufacturer warranty.

POS Barcode Scanner FAQ

  • How do I choose a barcode scanner?

    When choosing a barcode scanner, take into account the barcode format and scanning distance. A 2D imaging scanner is suitable for scanning various barcode types, while linear barcode scan engines are ideal for 1D barcodes. For scanning at greater distances, get a device equipped with advanced long range or extended range functionality.

  • How do I pair and connect my barcode scanner with my iPad?

    To pair and connect your barcode scanner with your iPad, follow these steps:

    1. Go to your iPad settings (not the app settings) and ensure Bluetooth is turned on
    2. Turn on the barcode scanner by holding down the power button until it beeps
    3. Open Shopify POS, tap the menu icon (≡), and then tap Settings
    4. Tap Set up hardware, followed by Barcode scanner
    5. When the "Enable pairing mode" dialog appears, scan the barcode. The scanner will beep three times to indicate pairing mode is enabled
    6. Tap "View available devices"
    7. When your barcode scanner appears in the "Select An Accessory" dialog (this may take a few moments), tap it to pair and connect
    8. If the setup is unsuccessful, unpair the scanner and try again

    Once the scanner is paired with your iPad or iPhone, it will connect automatically whenever it's in range.

  • What is a POS barcode scanner?

    A POS barcode scanner is a device used to read and decode barcodes. It is commonly used in point of sale systems to scan product barcodes for pricing, inventory management, and sales tracking purposes.

  • How does a POS barcode scanner work?

    A POS barcode scanner uses a laser or image sensor to capture the barcode's image. It then decodes the information encoded in the barcode and sends it to the connected point of sale system or computer. The system can then retrieve the corresponding product information and perform the necessary actions, such as updating inventory or calculating the total price.