Android POS

Shopify POS on Android

Shopify POS lets you manage payments, products, and customers all from a single back office on your Android device.

Android POS app.

Android point of sale for your retail business

Track inventory, manage staff, and accept payments in-store with a modern, all-in-one POS system.

POS system

Run and grow a successful retail business with the Shopify POS app.

POS hardware

Connect your Android device to compatible hardware available in the Shopify Hardware Store.

POS features

Manage inventory, staff, and customers across all the places you sell.

POS pricing

Your monthly price is a combination of your Shopify plan and POS subscription.

Turn your Android device into a powerful point of sale

Download the Shopify POS app on your Android device to start selling anywhere.

Android POS products.

Customize how you sell

Keep your most-used workflows on the home screen to speed up checkout.

Fully-integrated hardware

From tablet stands to barcode scanners, pick and choose the best hardware to pair with your Android device.

Competitive credit card rates

Get low in-person rates with Shopify Payments, included with your plan.

Build customer relationships

Empower your staff to build customer relationships that not only last, but also convert.

Android POS email marketing.

Build curated email lists

Create customer tags within Shopify POS to build custom email audiences and send targeted promotions.

Build detailed customer profiles

Track customer purchases, lifetime spend, and buying habits to offer tailored shopping experiences in store and online.

Android POS for all businesses

No matter the size of your business, Shopify POS has a solution tailored to your unique needs.

Android POS product details.

Countertop checkout

Equip your checkout counter with what you need to serve customers and accept payments: an Android tablet, POS software, and card reader.

Mobile checkout

Use your Android device to break free from the checkout counter and serve customers around your store.

Build your setup

Want a mix of countertop and mobile selling at your store? No problem. Create a POS hardware setup tailored to your needs.

Capture every sales opportunity

Convert more people in more places by offering tailored, unforgettable shopping experiences.

Android POS cart abandonment email.

Send carts

Let customers browse items in store and then purchase online later.

Offer in-store pickup

Provide pickup in store for online customers who want items fast and don’t want to pay for shipping.

Ship to home

For larger items, offer ship to home to reduce bulky stock and streamline purchases.

Seamless returns

Accept returns and exchanges on items purchased online or at other locations.

Android POS FAQs

Not just ecommerce. All commerce.

Bring in-store and online sales together with the Shopify POS system.