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Cash drawer for Shopify POS

A cash drawer is a secure compartment used in point-of-sale (POS) systems to store cash, coins, and other valuables such as checks and gift cards. It is an essential component of a retail POS setup, allowing businesses to manage cash transactions efficiently and securely.

Cash drawers often connect to a receipt printer or the POS system itself. They open when a cash transaction is processed, enabling the cashier to collect payment, provide change, and securely store the money. Some cash drawers also come with manual keys for opening them when necessary.

Shopify POS supported cash drawers in the United States

If you process retail cash payments, it's essential to have a secure and reliable cash drawer. Shopify offers a range of supported cash drawers that integrate with your Shopify POS system.

These supported cash drawers are available for purchase. They are designed to enhance your point-of-sale experience, ensuring smooth cash management and secure transactions. Choose from our selection of reliable and high-quality cash drawers to streamline your checkout process and meet your retail needs.

Following supported cash drawers are available for purchase on this store:

ProductColor optionsModel numberDimensionsTill Size
Arlo 13" Cash DrawerBlack or WhiteEKDS320Height: 3.50 inches
Depth: 13.50 inches
Width: 13.20 inches
Weight: 11.4 lbs
4 Bill / 5 Coin
Star Micronics' 14" Cash DrawerBlack or WhiteCD4-1416Height: 4.40 inches
Length: 16.00 inches
Width: 13.80 inches
Weight: 16.67 lbs
4 Bill / 5 Coin
Star Micronics' 16" Cash DrawerBlack or WhiteCD3-1616Height: 4.40 inches
Length: 16.40 inches
Width: 16.10 inches
Weight: 16.70 lbs
5 Bill / 8 Coin

These products come with 24/7 support, free shipping, and a free 30-day return policy.

Cash Drawer FAQ

How do I install the cash drawer?

Connect the cash drawer to the receipt printer using the provided cash drawer cable. Plug the large end into the cash drawer and the small end into the receipt printer.

How do I open the cash drawer?

You can open it manually with the included keys or wirelessly from the iPad. The iPad connects to the cash drawer via the receipt printer, and opens automatically after each sale or by tapping Go to cart > More actions > Open drawer in the Shopify POS app.

Note: Ensure the cash drawer is connected to the same wireless network as your printer.

What is the "till" in a cash drawer?

The "till" in a cash drawer is a removable tray or compartment used to store cash, coins, and other forms of payment. It plays a crucial role in handling cash efficiently during transactions. The till is designed with sections to organize different types of bills and coins, making it easier for cashiers or business owners to manage cash flow. It can be easily taken out of the cash drawer for tasks like counting cash, reconciling transactions, or securely storing the money. The purpose of the till is to ensure accurate record-keeping and smooth cash management.

Can cash drawers be integrated with other POS hardware?

Yes, cash drawers can be integrated with other POS hardware, such as cash registers, receipt printers, or barcode scanners. This integration ensures the cash drawer opens automatically when a transaction is completed, streamlining the checkout process.

How do I choose the right cash drawer for my business?

When selecting a cash drawer, consider factors such as compatibility with your POS system, size and capacity (number of coin and bill compartments), durability, lock mechanism, connectivity options (printer-driven or USB-driven), and overall construction quality.