Zebra printers and labels

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Shopify POS supported Zebra label printers

Zebra label printers offer a seamless and efficient printing experience, designed for compatibility with Shopify POS. Explore range supported Zebra printers for your business:

  • Zebra 2" ZSB Label Printer (ZSB-DP12)
  • Zebra 4" ZSB Label Printer (ZSB-DP14N)
  • Zebra Wireless Label Printer (ZD421)
  • Zebra Label Printer (USB) (ZD220)

Zebra label printers come with 24/7 support, free shipping, and a 30-day free return policy. They are covered under a 1+ year limited manufacturer warranty for your peace of mind.

Zebra Printers FAQ

  • Does the Zebra label printer require ink or toner?

    No, Zebra label printers utilize direct thermal printing technology, eliminating the need for ink or toner. This cost-effective and low-maintenance solution ensures consistent, high-quality printing without the hassle of replacing cartridges.

  • What types of labels can I print with Zebra label printers?

    With Zebra label printers, you can print a wide variety of labels to suit your business needs. Some common types of labels include:

    Shipping Labels: Easily print 4-inch x 6-inch shipping labels for packages and parcels, ensuring accurate delivery and professional presentation. Zebra label printers provide clear, high-quality printing, making it easy for carriers to scan and process your shipments.

    Barcode Labels: Generate various sizes of barcode labels for inventory management, product identification, and tracking. By using the barcode printer app with your Zebra label printer, you can customize label sizes to fit your specific needs. This flexibility allows you to create barcodes for a wide range of products, from small items to large boxes, improving organization and efficiency in your business.