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Elevate your in-store experience with modern POS stand

A POS tablet stand is crucial for businesses who want to improve their point-of-sale experience. Shopify offers a variety of dedicated POS stands to optimize viewing and interaction. It securely holds your iPad POS or Android POS, providing a convenient and professional solution as you handle  transactions while engaging with customers.

Whether at the counter or moving throughout the store, allow customers to view and confirm their purchases with 360° screen sharing.

Tablet Stand FAQs

What is an iPad POS stand?

An iPad retail stand for POS (point of sale) devices is a physical holder designed to hold an iPad or tablet in place, allowing it to function as a point of sale system. It provides stability, security, and convenience for businesses using iPads or tablets as their primary POS devices.

Why should I use an iPad stand for my POS system?

Using an iPad tablet stand for your POS system offers several benefits. It provides a professional and organized appearance, enhances customer experience, reduces strain on employees by providing an ergonomic setup, and ensures the security of your iPad or tablet.