Shop Small: 50 Sustainable Products for Earth Day—and Every Day

Illustration of several eco-friendly products in a circle to represent the earth

Earth Day arrived quietly this year—did you almost miss it? There is, after all, a lot going on in the world, and it may be hard to find the energy to care about sustainability when a global pandemic is dominating our collective attention. But today is a good reminder that being thoughtful about how we consume is as important as ever. Now is the time to support independent businesses that have been hit hard by COVID-19—especially those on a relentless pursuit to make the world a better place.

For the environment, the impacts of a global shutdown have cut both ways. Pollution has seen a decrease and emissions have been reduced in many big cities as planes stay grounded and cars parked. On the other hand, consumption is up—and an uptick in online shopping is contributing to an increase in excess packaging.

Orta self-watering microgreens kit
Minimize your footprint by growing your own vegetables in a self-watering container. Orta Gardens

We can, however, make incremental changes to our shopping habits—say, switching from plastic wrap to beeswax wrap—to help minimize waste. And, with all this extra time, maybe this is the moment to eschew bagged carrots and realize that balcony container garden of your dreams.

Whether you’re looking for sustainable home office solutions, ethical loungewear, or clean comfort foods, we’ve got you covered. To help you shop more sustainably on this 50th anniversary of the first Earth Day, we’ve handpicked 50 good-for-you—and good-for-the-earth—products from independent business owners everywhere.

Sustainable tech

Get a glimpse of a more eco-friendly future with innovative gadgets powered by the sun or made from recycled materials.

1. Limited edition Bee AirPods and phone cases in honey by Pela Case

Bonus: 5% of the sale price supports causes like Save the Whales Coalition

Pela Case honey bee collection

2. RIVER solar generator by EcoFlow

EcoFlow solar generator

3. SunLight portable solar light by BioLite

BioLite solar portable light

4. Handcrafted wood laptop stand by Oakywood

Oakywood laptop stand

5. Wireless charger made with hemp and recycled plastic by Nimble

Bonus: shipped in biodegradable, plastic-free packaging

Nimble wireless charger

Ethical fashion

Style for staying home, picked from brands with a thoughtful, transparent supply chain.

6. The Pocket Classic crew tee in penny by Franc

Franc classic tee

7. Black Tulip tee by Free Label

Free Label tulip tee

8. Recycled cotton long shorts in stone by Pangaia

Pangaia shorts

9. Cotton structured mini dress in gold medal by Hoibo

Hoibo mini dress in gold

10. The Wanderer wide-leg slacks in hemp organic cotton by Uniform

Uniform Wanderer pants 

Good for pets, good for the earth

Keep Rufus entertained while you (try to) work from home, with recycled and upcycled dog toys and treats.

11. Hemp and cork dog leash by Wigglywoos

Wigglywoos hemp dog leash

12. Recycled Tug and Toss dog rope toy by Harry Barker

Harry Barker dog rope toys

13. Beco Family George the Giraffe recycled dog toy from Chopper & Otis

Chopper and Otis dog toy

14. Upcycled dog treats made from food rescued from agricultural and production waste streams by Shameless Pets

Shameless dog treat bags

Gardens and the great outdoors

Turn your backyard into a staycation oasis—and a bountiful food source—with smart green goods for the outdoors.

15. Self-watering microgreen grow kit by Orta Kitchen Gardens

Orta self-watering planter with microgreens

16. Portable campfire made with recycled soy wax by Radiate

Radiate tinned campfire

17. Outdoor loveseat set made with recycled ocean plastic by Yardbird

Yardbird patio set

18. Organic Pizza Garden Collection by The Living Seed Company

Living Seed seed packets

19. Beehive kits by BackYardHive

BackYardHive bee hive kit

Kind foods

Organic, fair trade, or solar-grown—sure, they’re good for you, but they’re also delicious.

20. Organic and fair trade Peanut Butter Pitbull bar by Rescue Chocolate

Bonus: 100% of profits support animal rescue

Rescue Chocolate bar

21. Organic Mayan Magic espresso coffee beans by Higher Grounds

Higher Grounds coffee bag

22. Upcycled vegetable Pulp Chips in jalapeño lime by Pulp Pantry

Pulp Pantry chip bags

23. Solar-roasted coffee beans by Fluid

Fluid Coffee

24. Salted caramel plant powered energy balls by Little Tucker

Little Tucker energy snack balls

Low-impact (on the earth) fitness gear

Stay inside, but don’t stay still. Up your at-home fitness game with sportswear and yoga gear constructed with recycled or renewable materials.

25. Sustainable sneakers by Norm

Norm running shoes

26. Biodegradable rubber eKO yoga mat by Manduka

Manduka yoga mats

27. Performance wear made from recycled coffee grounds by Five12


Clean beauty and personal care

Take care of your skin—and the planet—with products made from organic and naturally derived ingredients.

28. Plum beauty oil by Le Prunier

Le Prunier plum beauty oil bottle

29. Bamboo and organic cotton pads and tampons by Tsuno

Bonus: each box sold helps fund girls’ education

Tsuno tampons

30. Naturally derived red clay facial mask stick by Found

Found mask stick

31. Bamboo toothbrush with plastic-free packaging by VirtueBrush


32. Clean and cruelty free All-Over concealer stick by p/y/t Beauty

p/y/t concealer stick

33. Juniper and Birch soap by Boreal Folk

Boreal Folk juniper soap

A sustainable kitchen

Ditch disposables in favor of reusables or upgrade dinnerware to recycled—and seriously cute—alternatives.

34. Flora & Fauna drinking glass set made from recycled bottles by Green Glass

Green Glass tumbler

35. Durable kids’ dinnerware made from recycled bottles by Re-Play

Replay kid's recycled dinnerware

36. Family pack of four bowls handcrafted from coconut shells by Coconut Bowls

Coconut bowls

37. Collapsible drinking straws by Final Straw

Final straw

38. Reusable produce bags by Flip & Tumble

Flip and Tumble produce bags

Compassion for animals

Buy critter-friendly goods from brands that give back.

39. A symbolic moose adoption by WWF

A moose in the forest

40. Merch to support the dog rescue efforts of Justice Rescue

Chocolate lab being pet by a woman

41. Piggy pin to support Herbivorous Acres, an animal sanctuary operated by Herbivorous Butcher

Piglets feeding

Eco-minded accessories

Treat yourself (if not now, when?) with little extras made from materials diverted from landfills.

42. Recycled and fair trade embroidered zipper pouch by Rice Love

Rice Love zipper pouch

43. Vera net socks in recycled polyamide by Swedish Stockings

Bonus: send in your old socks for recycling and get 10% off

Swedish Stockings mesh socks

44. Recycled firehose wallets by Recycled Firefighter

Recycled Firefighter wallets

45. Reusable tote and backpack combo in forest green by Notabag


46. Sustainable eyewear by Dick Moby

Dick Moby sunglasses

Natural creativity

We can’t guarantee you’ll get a day off, but these kindly made craft supplies and exploration kits might buy you a few moments of kid-free silence.

47. Bike Basket Jumbo Journal made from post-consumer recycled paper by EcoJot

Ecojot journal

48. Set of six Beeswax and soy chick crayons by A Toy Garden

Soy and beeswax crayons shaped like chicks

49. Mineral face paint by Natural Art Supplies

Mineral face paint

50. The Forest School Den Kit for outdoor discovery from Conscious Craft

Forest den exploration kit

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Illustration by Amanda Berglund