Manage Your Organization Faster and More Efficiently on Shopify Plus

Manage Your Organization Faster and More Efficiently on Shopify Plus

Managing a growing business can be hard and complex as it is. That’s why we’ve made some key improvements to the way you manage your multi-store organization in Shopify Plus faster and more efficiently than ever before. 

The Plus admin was originally built to help Shopify Plus merchants manage their multi-store organizations easier. But we understand this adds an extra step to your day-to-day workflows that could slow you down. So, to streamline how you manage organization settings in Shopify Plus, we’ve moved these settings into your store admins. Soon, you can do everything you used to do in the Plus admin (plus a little more!) all from one centralized location.

Read on to learn more about the changes: 

Easily navigate between stores

When running a multi-store organization on Shopify, you need a fast and efficient way to navigate to your stores. In addition to the updates noted above, Shopify Plus merchants can easily navigate to any store within their organization in two ways:

  1. Global navigation: You can access any of the stores within your organization by searching for it using your global navigation search bar.  
  2. Account drop down: Click the Account drop down menu located in the top right corner of the Shopify Plus admin.. Here, you can select and access the admin of any of the stores in your organization. 

Add, remove, and access stores faster 

Managing a multi-store organization in Shopify just got easier. Soon, you can access Store management settings to manage and create stores from any store in your organization.  

You can also navigate to all the stores within your organization easily, by launching the global navigation or clicking on the Account drop down in the top right corner of the admin. 

Manage user accounts more efficiently 

The way you manage users across your organization will remain the same, but where you manage users is moving. 

Soon, you can access the Settings page from any of the stores in your Shopify Plus organization and see the new organization settings card. From there, you can select User management to add, edit or remove users from your organization. 

Pay one bill for all your stores with Organization billing 

Previously, billing in Shopify Plus was done at the store level. If you operated multiple stores, this meant having to access each store one-by-one to pay its invoice and avoid interruptions. 

With Organization level billing in Shopify Plus, you have one bill to pay that consolidates all charges and fees associated with the stores listed in your organization. This means you only have to add and manage one payment, making it faster and easier to track and pay your Shopify invoices. 

Get a quick snapshot of your entire organization’s performance 

Soon, you can get a snapshot of your organization’s overall performance directly from the Analytics section of a store’s admin, rather than it being visible exclusively in your Plus admin. 

Use your Overview dashboard—which consolidates and visualizes data across each of your stores—to get a quick snapshot of your organization’s overall performance and make data-informed decisions.

Managing your business on Shopify Plus just got easier

By making it faster to transition between stores and manage your users, billing, and analytics from one centralized location, it’s more efficient than ever to run a growing, complex business on Shopify Plus. Log in to your Shopify store today to explore the changes for yourself.