Say Hello to POS Go: Shopify's All-in-One Mobile POS System Built for Seamless Store Checkouts

Say Hello to Shopify POS Go

When you think of a mobile point-of-sale system, a few things probably come to mind. Maybe a smartphone, a tablet, or a small card reader. However, merchants that want an all-in-one solution are often left choosing between looks and functionality. 

But not anymore. Introducing Shopify POS Go, Shopify’s first fully integrated mobile point-of-sale system that unifies the POS software and hardware you need to serve customers, accept payments, and run your store’s day-to-day from a single handheld device. 

“We built Shopify POS Go to help brands bring all-day on-the-floor checkout to their physical stores,” says Arpan Podduturi, VP of Product for Shopify Retail. “Up until now, merchants have had to choose between a mobile payment terminal that doesn’t have POS software, or installing POS software onto a smartphone or tablet and pairing it with an external card reader and scanner. We knew we could do better for our merchants.” 

“POS Go removes the need for lots of external devices, saving merchants hundreds of dollars on peripherals, and completely eliminates device pairing. It’s an all-in-one, handheld POS system that boots directly into Shopify, contains an integrated card reader and barcode scanner, and it accepts all payment types. It streamlines your front of house and works all day long on a single charge. It is a deeply merchant-centric product, built with Gorilla Glass to bring incredible reliability to your retail stores.” 

What is Shopify POS Go? 

Shopify POS Go is a handheld point-of-sale system that brings payments, POS software, and hardware together in one fully integrated device. Scan products, accept cards and contactless payments, fulfill in-store pickup and delivery orders, track inventory, and manage customers all from one sleek mobile POS built from the ground up by Shopify. 

Store clerk using Shopify POS to scan an item

POS Go helps merchants of all sizes supercharge their store checkout and accept payments all day from anywhere on the sales floor—no extra Bluetooth card terminals or barcode scanners required. It’s fast, powerful, and reliable, and it works seamlessly with Shopify’s ecosystem of tools, apps, and omnichannel data reporting right out of the box. 

POS Go also comes with Shopify’s integrated payment processing, Shopify Payments, which ensures your checkout is seamless every time. No more keying in customer card information or order totals. Plus, you pay one predictable flat rate for all in-person debit and credit card payments, so there are never any surprises on your statements—starting at just 2.7% + 0¢.

Shopify Payments gives you complete visibility over your finances from Shopify’s back office. Track every transaction to monitor cash flow and receive payouts as fast as the following day.

Purpose-built for mobile service and selling

POS Go is the first all-in-one mobile first all-in-one mobile POS terminal that has everything that has everything you need to personalize your customer service, close sales, and manage your store with no setup required. Its ultra-thin design fits comfortably in your hand and has a built-in barcode scanner and card reader so you can seamlessly add items to a customer’s cart and take tap, chip, and swipe payments without needing additional hardware.  

Store clerk using Shopify POS Go's built-in barcode scanner

POS Go also brings your back of house and sales floor together to unleash your team’s productivity. Staff can look up product availability across all store locations, view customers’ purchase history to make more informed recommendations, and access detailed product information to provide expertise that goes beyond expectations. Everything they need to serve customers and close sales is integrated onto one sleek device that fits in their pocket.

Since POS Go boots straight to Shopify POS and works right out of the box, it’s easy to equip your entire team for mobile checkout. Brands that want both mobile checkout and a traditional countertop checkout can use POS Go alongside any iOS or Android tablet running the Shopify POS app. This gives brands of all sizes unmatched flexibility to transact on the sales floor or at a fixed point of sale and fly through checkout no matter how busy things get. 

With its all-day battery life, Wi-Fi connectivity, and durable 5.5-inch touchscreen display made of Gorilla Glass, POS Go enables you to move freely with customers through the store and access all the tools you need to give them best-in-class customer service and accept payments. 

Super smooth store checkout

POS Go creates a seamless, reliable checkout experience for both staff and customers. Its built-in card reader and barcode scanner have Wi-Fi connectivity, which means they’ll never disconnect when you need them most. 

Thanks to Shopify Payments, POS Go’s card readers have 99.9% payments uptime, so you can reliably accept all major debit, credit, and mobile wallet payments without worrying about your authorization network going down. When shoppers are ready to buy, just scan the item, tap, swipe, or insert their card to accept payment, and send the receipt via text or email. 

Store associate using Shopify POS Go to accept a tap card payment

Backed by Shopify’s flexible order fulfillment options, staff can check out customers however they want with POS Go. For instance, if an item is out of stock in-store, staff can close the sale, take payment, and have the item shipped directly to the customer from another store location or warehouse with available inventory. Brands like Allbirds use Shopify POS to enable buy in-store, ship to customer fulfillment across its 20 stores globally, maximize store conversions, and reduce friction for customers. 

Not all customers are ready to buy on the spot, though. When that happens, staff can email order details to shoppers from POS Go so they can complete the purchase on their own time. Since Shopify POS Go connects seamlessly to your Shopify site, the store associate who sent the email cart gets credit for making the sale, even if it happens online. 

Run your store from the palm of your hand

POS Go makes it easier for retail staff to get the job done no matter what task comes their way, whether it’s on the sales floor or head office. 

Front-of-house staff can rely on POS Go for all-day mobile selling, looking up customer profiles and order history, checking inventory availability, managing store pickup and delivery orders, accepting payments, and sending receipts via text or email. 

Store associate scanning a product at checkout using Shopify POS Go

Store managers can view store-level reports from POS Go to track store performance. Monitor your store’s daily net sales or get as granular as you want and check each store associate’s average order value, items per order, and more. 

Since POS Go connects seamlessly to your Shopify back office, all store-level order, sales, inventory, and customer data is centralized in the same place as your online data. This makes it easy for operations teams to monitor their brand’s online and offline performance from one place.

Order your POS Go terminal today 

POS Go is purpose-built to help brands of all sizes bring a best-in-class mobile checkout experience to their stores and customers. Merchants in the US can order Shopify POS Go from our Hardware Store for $399.  

Order Shopify POS Go today

POS Go is a fully integrated handheld first all-in-one mobile POS terminal that has everything that brings payments, software, and hardware together into one ultra-thin device that works out of the box. Accept card and contactless payments everywhere, fulfill in-store pickup and delivery orders, manage inventory across store locations, and view online and storefront data from Shopify’s back office.

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