Why Build a Business Competition Winner Leesa Claims That Ecommerce Is a Numbers Game

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David Wolfe and Jaime Diamonstein are no strangers to the world of business. So when they cofounded Leesa, a better mattress for sleepers of all kinds, they were able to bring together skill sets and experience that complemented one another.

In this podcast, you’ll hear how these two entrepreneurs partnered to take on a $14 billion industry and win Shopify's Build a Business competition by putting product, customer experience, and creating an effective marketing funnel first.  

In this episode, you'll learn:

  • How they were able to get to $1 million by their 2nd month.
  • What is "the salary drug", why you might be hooked on it and how to break free from it.
  • How to know what you should do when your business is stagnating.

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Show notes:

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Felix Thea is the host of the Shopify Masters podcast, the ecommerce marketing podcast for ambitious entrepreneurs, and founder of TrafficAndSales.com where you can get actionable tips to grow your store’s traffic and sales.