$1 Billion Sold: The Collective Power of Shopify Merchants

Today is a day of celebration.

You just conquered Black Friday Cyber Monday. Whether it’s your first or your 20th BFCM, you’re on the other side of the busiest shopping weekend of the year.

Before you dive head first into shipping or restocking displays for the busy holiday sales season, it’s your time to reflect on your accomplishments.

As an independent business, you stepped up to make your mark on a weekend dominated by big box stores and massive chain retailers. And, collectively, you made over $1 billion USD in sales during Black Friday Cyber Monday.

Pause for just a moment (we know how busy you are) and appreciate your shared win: you are part of a large community of independent businesses working together to make commerce more diverse and resilient.

$1 billion is no small feat. And it’s all you.

You are mothers and fathers, grandparents and retirees, college students and 9-year-olds. You are educated and self-taught. You are immigrants. You are the third generation running a family business. You are farmers, makers, chefs, dropshippers, designers, manufacturers, and curators. You live in Cyprus and New Zealand and Canada. You run ecommerce stores and physical stores. You sell apparel, art, furniture, tech, services, food, and crafts. You are new to this and you have it in your blood.

You and your business are unique and unlike any of the 500,000 other business owners in the Shopify community. But, you’re united by the same drive to create, a willingness to take chances, and an ownership of your success.

We provided you with the tools, but ultimately you—hundreds of thousands of you—embraced risk, sacrificed turkey, and watched your Live View reports until the wee hours to reach this milestone.

Because of you, commerce is becoming more inclusive and approachable every day. Your success empowers and encourages other aspiring entrepreneurs to take that leap. Together you push innovation forward, and you make what we do every day matter.

Team Shopify