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Paypal screen
Paypal screen

Give your Shopify store customers their preferred ways to pay.

PayPal helps your customers speed through checkout with PayPal and Venmo. Plus, its already built into the Shopify platform, making it easy for you to get paid, fast.

Automatically offer Venmo at Checkout

Venmo is already part of PayPal Checkout — at no additional cost. Gain appeal to Venmo customers who are active spenders¹ with more spending power². And help bring more visibility to your business with a payment method customers can easily share.

80M+ users prefer to pay with Venmo³

Popular with Millennials and Gen Z shoppers⁴

Venmo users spend 2.2 times more annually than other online buyers⁵

Paypal screen

PayPal is one of the worlds most preferred, trusted, and familiar brands⁶

Get instant access to your funds

Helps you handle the risk of fraudulent transactions

Helps you meet global compliance standards

Paypal screen
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