See How HAPP Brand Used Shop Promise To Increase Conversions by 10%

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When you’re an independent brand, there’s a lot you need to do to build trust and convert new customers. There aren’t shortcuts to building trust but HAPP Brand was able to pack a one-two punch towards this goal by partnering with Shopify Fulfillment Network and Shop Promise to:

  • Ship orders to customers faster
  • Drive conversions by showcasing reliable and fast shipping

A modern approach to diaper bags

HAPP Brand’s founder was shopping for a baby shower gift when she realized she was having difficulty locating diaper bags that were both functional and fashionable. She started HAPP Brand in 2015 to fill this need for modern-day parents looking for fashionable and contemporary options.

Designed in Los Angeles, HAPP Brand bags have been featured in Vogue and are loved by celebrities like Hilary Duff and Lea Michele. Made of water-resistant herringbone nylon, lightweight and structurally sound, their bags don’t compromise functionality for style.

Outgrowing the growing pains

When they launched, HAPP Brand was fulfilling their products out of their office—a savvy solution for a new-to-market brand. Since they planned to grow, HAPP Brand knew they needed a fulfillment partner who had the right infrastructure. Enter the Shopify Fulfillment Network.

Displaying delivery estimates isn’t something we could have built on our own, and being able to showcase that we’re backed by Shop has helped us build continued trust with our customers.

Joining Shopify Fulfillment Network (SFN) took away the burden of managing fulfillment and shipping and also offered HAPP Brand a better delivery experience for their customers by giving them access to Shop Promise. Now HAPP Brand’s orders are shipped faster and at lower rates. HAPP Brand CMO Kassia Shishkoff is impressed with what they can offer their customers, “SFN provides the ability to ship orders faster and the introduction of Shop Promise now allows us to market a fast shipping promise to our customers. This feature has allowed us to win the trust of new customers and help them feel more confident in their purchases.”

Communicate a reliable experience

Add Shop Promise to your store to communicate reliable, fast delivery. Help your customers check out confidently.

Add Shop Promise

Kassia knows that implementing this fulfillment and shipping solution is solidifying the relationship they have with their customers, “We’re impressed with Shop Promise’s results; displaying delivery estimates isn’t something we could have built on our own, and being able to showcase that we’re backed by Shop has helped us build continued trust with our customers.”

Winning trust with customers

In an environment of growing expectations from customers, it can be difficult for independent businesses to win the trust of customers. Ensuring customers know when they will receive what they order, before they make a purchase goes a long way to prove website legitimacy. 

HAPP Brand’s use of Shopify Fulfillment Network and Shop Promise builds trust with accurate and fast fulfillment and shipping. And, proof is in the 10% lift in conversions once they placed the Shop Promise badge on their website. The badge lets site visitors know purchases will arrive quickly and will be exactly what was ordered, it’s a promise backed by the Shop brand.

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