Shop Promise–the best way to earn trust with billions of buyers

Grow your sales by showing your commitment to reliable deliveries and hassle-free returns.

Hoodie surrounded by icons, the Shop Promise logo and a label that reads: Free shipping, arrives Tuesday, May 10.

Turn first-time customers into your best customers, with no cost to you or membership fees for them. Setup is easy when you use Shopify Fulfillment Network and Shopify Shipping.

Grow conversion with fast and free 2-day delivery while building customers’ trust

Made easy with the Shop Promise badge.

Get discovered by billions of customers new to your brand across channels

Extend your promise beyond your store to surfaces like Google, Facebook, Instagram, and Shop.

Your brand and your customer data: Yours and yours alone

From search to checkout, you’re always in full control. Your brand. Your store. Your data.

Easy integration with Shop Pay and Shopify Protect

Get the highest converting, accelerated checkout on the internet with Shop Pay. Get free fraud protection, so you can approve and ship orders confidently with Shopify Protect.

Blue-and-black rimmed sunglasses.

When buyers want to shop with confidence, there’s no better way than giving them clear delivery dates and easy returns.

Save on shipping and fulfillment

Get access to shipping and fulfillment discounts to help your business grow.

Free for customers

Your customers shouldn't have to pay for a promise. There are no additional or monthly subscription costs.

Powered by Shopify for Shopify stores

Display delivery dates at checkout directly through admin. Shop Promise tracking and insights will be automatically integrated with your store’s order management and fulfillment settings.

Track performance and get insights on your Shop Promise commitments

Gain the insights you need with a single dashboard to track processing time, on-time delivery, returns, and more.

This is amazing. We're thrilled because Shop is becoming super popular, and the trust badge is enhancing the buyer experience. The clean design keeps our store cohesive. So far the delivery promise has been loved by our customers.

Fadel Mbacke - CEO & Creative Director, My Lovely Feline