Von D Shoes Increases Conversions by 22% With Shop Promise and Shopify Fulfillment Network

Von D Shoes Increases Conversions by 22% with Shop Promise and Shopify Fulfillment Network

Spearheaded by celebrity figure Kat Von D, Von D Shoes brings artfully crafted luxe shoes made from 100%-vegan materials to consumers who want to introduce sustainable options to their wardrobe. Kat isn’t just the face behind the brand, she is also heavily involved in the entire creative process—from selecting fabrics and hardware to tissue paper designs.

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Von D Shoes has leaned heavily on customer feedback to grow its business, and it was active customer listening that led the company to partner with Shopify Fulfillment Network (SFN) and enable Shop Promise on its Shopify store. Since then, the brand has seen: 

  • Fast, on-time delivery and improvements to its overall customer experience
  • A 22% relative increase in website conversions through communication of reliable and fast delivery with Shop Promise
  • More free time to focus on growing the business, developing new products, and expanding into new markets

The Challenge

Prior to joining Shopify Fulfillment Network, Von D Shoes struggled to manage manufacturing intake and inventory balancing with its former third-party logistics provider (3PL). As a result, delivery dates were heavily delayed and tracking capabilities were limited. Variable shipping costs across the contiguous US were also negatively impacting margins and customers’ delivery experience.

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The reality was that Von D Shoes needed a new fulfillment partner if it wanted to scale. After extensive research, Von D Shoes found its perfect fit with Shopify Fulfillment Network. This partnership would not only empower the Von D Shoes team to better understand and manage shipping costs, but more importantly, it would provide it with the necessary tools to delight customers with competitive two-day shipping. 

Solving a problem before it even happens

Through active customer listening, its team is able to understand the company’s strengths and opportunities for improvement. Since joining the Shopify Fulfillment Network, Von D Shoes’ customer feedback on delivery speeds has drastically improved.

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Moreover, being a part of SFN also gave Von D Shoes early access to Shop Promise, which packed a one-two punch on delivery transparency for customers. “Shopify Fulfillment Network and the new Shop Promise product helped Von D Shoes solve a problem before it ever even had to happen,” said Steve Rock, Brand Manager. “Current customers are amazed by our fast shipping speeds, and new customers are incentivized to purchase when they see the fast shipping promise when browsing our site.”

Delivery transparency has been proven to have a direct impact on conversion rates and has become increasingly important for customers as they shop online. With Shop Promise, as soon as customers land on a product details page they can immediately know when a purchase will arrive on their doorstep.

Communicate a reliable experience

Add Shop Promise to our store to communicate reliable, fast delivery. Help your customers check out confidently.

Add Shop Promise


Deepening its partnership with Shopify by joining the Shopify Fulfillment Network and Shop Promise took the hassle out of providing a world-class delivery experience for customers. The time savings allowed the team at Von D Shoes to spend their time focusing on international expansion and diving deep into customer feedback to enhance the brand’s product offering.

This tactic of displaying Shop Promise enabled Von D Shoes to increase relative conversion rates by 22%.

The combination of localized inventory and the Shop Promise badge on our Shopify store allow us to get luxury products in the hands of shoppers faster and reduce the number of support tickets due to order issues. 

Steve Rock., Brand Manager, Von D Shoes

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