A sales associate stands at the sales counter inside a retail store looking at a tablet on a tablet stand running Shopify POS. A customer walks in, picks up a pair of sunglasses, and calls the associate over. The associate comes over to the customer, detaching the tablet from the tablet stand in one smooth moving and bringing it over with her. The customer asks a question; the assocates looks up the answer on the tablet. The customer is satisified and leaves. The assocaite returns with the tablet to the sales counter. She re-mounts the tablet in the tablet stand.

Retail POS System

Retail done right

Create standout omnichannel experiences everywhere you sell.

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No business too big. No pop-up too small.

The exterior of a large retail store.


Use Shopify POS at all your locations and streamline operations with unified sales, customer, and inventory data.

A business owner inside her retail store.

Single store

Get everything you need to run your retail business with powerful tools for selling in store and online.

A sales associate at an outdoor market using Tap to Pay on iPhone to accept contactless payments.


Sell at pop-ups, markets, and more with wireless POS hardware and retail POS software you can take anywhere.

A sales associate holds a tablet running Shopify POS displaying the payment approved screen. On the screen: "Payment approved. Visa ending in 7849. Customer Jon Patel, jon@gmail.com. Reciept options: Print receipt, Email reciept, text reciept."

Customer Experience

Connections that convert

Get tools to create meaningful relationships that set your brand apart.

Convenient shopping

Blend in-store and online sales so customers can choose how they shop with you.

Better experiences

Always have the answer with a POS that keeps important information at your fingertips.

Lasting relationships

Personalize service with omnichannel customer data that tracks purchases in store and online.
  • Shopify POS allows us to keep customers at the heart of our experience without running into limitations.
Neighborhood Goods
Matt AlexanderCo-founder and CEO

Shopify does POS. Best.

No one else offers a fully integrated POS backed by the world’s most powerful commerce platform.
A POS tablet is displayed on a countertop with a Shopify POS screen.

Retail Features

The backbone of your retail business

It’s not just a point of sale system, it’s everything you need to run your business.

A screen from Shopify POS showing the permissions afforded to the Associate role. On the screen: "Associate. Manager approval (this role can provide manager approved): denied. Add custom sale: approval required. Apply discounts: allowed."A screen from Shopify POS showing sales reporting including the net sales and average order value of a single sales day at one location.

Inventory Management

The fully integrated inventory system

Save time with unified inventory management, in store and online.

Every location

Use Shopify to manage inventory at every location, in store, online, and at your warehouse.

Every transaction

Watch stock levels update automatically with every sale, transfer, return, and exchange.

Every channel

Connect in-store and online inventory to sell seamlessly across sales channels.
A sales associate on the sales floor reaches for a product while also holding a tablet running Shopify POS. Over the image is a screen from Shopify POS showing the product, its price, and how many are in stock.

Online Tools

The new standard in omnichannel selling

Build and grow your online presence with digital tools included in every Shopify plan.

In the background, an online checkout screen showing a Concrete Clock with a button under it: "Add to cart." In the foreground, a screen from the Shopify admin showing the Concrete Clock is available for sale on the following sales channels: Online Store, Instagram, Facebook Shop, and Point of Sale

Website builder

Create an online store to support your business with Shopify’s drag-and-drop website builder.

Online sales

Use Shopify to sell online, on social media, and through digital marketplaces.

Digital marketing

Get marketing tools to drive traffic, online and in store, all through Shopify.
  • Previously, it was hard for me to get a grasp on my business’s performance. Now, with Shopify, it’s much more straight-forward.
Summer Solace Tallow
Megan Bre CampFounder

You’ve got this. We’ve got you.

Get help setting up and running your retail store with dedicated point of sale specialists.

24/7 support through email, phone, and chat
Free guides through The Shopify Help Center
Migration support through apps and partners

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