A Seamless New Shopify POS Experience to Power In-Person Sales

Shopify POS redesign | Shopify Retail blog

Selling in person and online with Shopify has never been easier — all thanks to a Shopify-wide makeover. We’ve extended Shopify’s latest redesign to Shopify POS so that your in-person sales experience is simpler than ever.

Our new look and feel for Shopify POS ensures that you can sell to customers anywhere, on any device. We know that selling in store, at a pop-up shop, or at markets can be challenging, so your point-of-sale system should be seamless. That leaves more time for you to focus on providing your customer with an amazing experience.

And, with a consistent look and feel across the Shopify platform, you can enjoy a cohesive experience whether you use Shopify’s powerful ecommerce tools or Shopify’s POS system for convenient in-person sales.

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Better buying experience = more sales

New app navigation

Keeping queues in check and transactions speedy is crucial to keep your customers happy. That’s why we’ve enhanced app navigation in the refreshed Shopify POS — now you can toggle between tasks without missing a beat. The improved in-app navigation makes everyday workflows faster, so you can serve your customers and sell in person quicker.

Refund online purchases in-store

You can now also refund customers in person for a purchase they made through your online store. This new feature gives you an opportunity for more personal interactions when dealing with refunds, as well as a more fluid process when you need to update your inventory.

Capture customer details in person for later

Want to take advantage of all that foot traffic you’re getting at your pop-up shop? You can now add customer information to shopper profiles through the Shopify POS app. Use this valuable info later for online marketing purposes, even if an interested buyer doesn’t make a purchase on the spot. Keeping these profiles handy makes it easy to keep in touch and turn window shoppers into future loyal customers.

Extending Shopify’s makeover to Shopify POS

We’ve rolled out the new design in Shopify POS system through illustrations, iconography, colors, and layouts. As a result, you’ll enjoy one consistent merchant experience, whether you’re selling in person, updating products or orders in Shopify, or using the Shopify mobile app.

Shopify POS redesign | Shopify Retail blog

More features to make commerce better for everyone

Entrepreneurs should have the right tools to succeed. That’s why Shopify POS will continue to introduce features to make selling at events, fairs, or markets (and anywhere else) easier and more valuable to your business. Whether you're extending your online brand via in-person sales or looking to grow online, we’re working hard to make commerce better for everyone.

So, stay tuned: We'll be launching even more new features through the rest of 2017. Download the new Shopify POS app for iOS or Android today to enjoy the latest design refresh. Learn more about the Shopify POS system for sale.

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