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Store Owner Interview: JackBacks

Store Owner Interview: JackBacks


It's Monday, so it's time for another interview with a successful Shopify store owner. This is the second video in our new series, the first interview was with Justin Winter of Diamond Candles.


In today's video I talk with Adam Baumgartner, owner of JackBacks

JackBacks are a great alternative to the regular back bezel on an Iphone 4. It's a replacement made from 100% real wood that can be installed easily (JackBacks even includes the necessary screw drivers). They are available in a range of wood types and colors and can be customized with your own artwork etched on the back.

I talked with Adam about JackBacks, the transition from idea to product, creating awareness for your new product, setting up a Shopify store and the importance of getting feedback from your customers.