Indranil Bhoumik

A photographer for the last 14 years, I have been involved with a variety of projects, starting from commercial ad films to photography needed for newspapers. While I have spent the last decade as a staff photographer with Mint, a leading business daily newspaper, working on a range of assignments, I have also been involved with projects like boutique calendars, documentary films, commercial projects and books. I started my photography career as a freelancer, contributing to several regional language dailies and magazines, advertising agencies and government departments, briefly working on shooting portfolios for upcoming models, products and large events. Between 2004 and 2007, I have also been a contributor to Visage Images, the Indian counterpart of Getty Images. My other major project includes a coffee table book on the tribal region of Koraput in central India, where I was camped for a considerable time to photograph the landscape, local culture, historical sites and heritage spots, among other things. It was a project commissioned by Nalco, India’s leading public sector aluminium producer, to commemorate its 25th anniversary. As a professional photographer, I would like to believe that I thrive under extreme challenges. Even though I have honed my skills working for the print media, as well as on the multimedia platform and digital media, I am always eager to learn new things and keep myself updated with developments in the field of photography. My objective is to work on long-term projects, with a focus on flawless execution, backed by in-depth research.

location Kolkata

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Urban Artwork And Textile Worker | View photo

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urban artwork and textile worker

Urban Artwork And Textile Worker

round stones in rushing water

Round Stones In Rushing Water