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Trending Products Cinemagraph

Hot Coffee Cinemagraph

Black Friday Is On

Black Friday Cinemagraph Light

Menorah Candles Cinemagraph

Cyber Monday Flashing

Fresh Lemonade Cinemagraph

Fidget Spinner Cinemagraph

Espresso Cinemagraph

Pouring Beer Cinemagraph

Skull Glass Cinemagraph

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What's a Cinemagraph?

Cinemagraphs are a new type of artwork for the digital age. Artists creating cinemagraphs aim to combine the calming beauty of still-life photography with precise bits of animation. Photographers create these moving pictures by meticulously combining a series of photographs or video frames into a seamless, hypnotizing loop.

The result is stunning - a well-crafted animation done by an experienced artist can blend breath-taking imagery with subtle motion to seemingly capture a moment in time. And these images seem to be popping up all over the internet right now. From Tumblr to Instagram to Facebook - users are halting their scroll to take a look at these mesmerizing moving pictures.

Using Cinemagraphs for Facebook Ads & Beyond

Cinemagraphs can be a great tool for marketing your product and catching the eye of your ideal customer. When used in Facebook ads, Cinemagraphs have the capacity to catch a user’s attention without being too intrusive. They stand out in newsfeeds amongst a sea of text posts and static images. Also, because of the aesthetic nature of cinemagraphs they’re often re-blogged and commented on - making it perfect for generating interest in your product. There’s no better way to make a product truly come to life than through the use of cinemagraphs. For products like vintage clocks, fidget spinners, and other hypnotizing items, cinemagraphs are a creative way to capture the movement of your products and truly showcase their beauty.

Creative Commons Cinemagraphs

All these images are available for free under the creative commons zero license. That means we’ve dedicated these GIFs to the public domain, so you’re welcome to download and use them however you see fit! There is no copyright attached to the files, so you can download them for personal or commercial use. Feel free to remix them for Facebook or Instagram ads for your online store. When it comes to attribution, we’d appreciate a link back to Burst, but it is by no means required.

Free Stock Cinemagraphs — Get Your .GIFs Here

Cinemagraphs might be a great marketing tool - but not everyone has the skill or mastery to pull off this fascinating type of art. Sure - you could consider hiring a photographer, but since these types of images contain a degree of animation and software expertise, not all photographers are going to be able to create these sorts of moving pictures.

You could learn how to make you own cinemagraphs. Though this would surely be an enriching experience, not all entrepreneurs have the time to learn a new craft - especially since marketing online products and running an online business can be time-consuming enough as it is.

Luckily though - we’ve got you covered. With these gorgeous royalty-free cinemagraph images, you can bring truly bring your ads to life without paying a cent. Feel free to right click and save any of the above cinemagraphs, or click the download button to get all the files at once.