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About Burst photos

Thousands of open source images

Burst is a free stock photo platform that is powered by Shopify. Our photographers are constantly shooting and uploading high-resolution images to help our users find the perfect free stock photo for their next project. Our goal is to build the best free image library for entrepreneurs, so we’re constantly uploading new photos and adding new categories to reflect current trends in ecommerce and retail.

Our photos are free to use for any purpose

You’re welcome to edit, crop or otherwise modify these images however you see fit. The goal of our library is to help as many people as possible, so all of our pictures are royalty-free, with no attribution required. That means you can use them in your school projects, client work, print ads, menus, on websites and beyond. Since they’re free for commercial use, you can even sell t-shirts or mugs you designed using Burst images! The sky’s the limit.

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Our photo library is growing fast

We’re constantly adding new photos to our exclusive image library. Sign up for our newsletter — it’s free, and you can unsubscribe at any time — and you’ll be the first to know about the top new photos each week.

Our photographer community

Say ‘thanks’ to photographers by giving credit

We understand that it’s not always possible to provide image credit to a photographer and that’s why we don’t require attribution in our image licenses. That said, our community of contributors love receiving credit for their work, because it enables more people to discover their photography. After downloading an image, you’ll see a “Say thanks by giving credit” option. Simply click “Copy code” to copy the HTML code that provides credit to the photographer, and then paste it into your blog, website or online store.

If you can’t find our credit code, feel free to write something like “Photo by <photographer name> from Burst” and add a link to the image you’re using. Alternatively, our photographers also appreciate social media shout outs, so feel free to share a link to their Burst profile page or photos on the social platform of your choice. Giving credit shows gratitude and helps photographers share their work with an even wider audience.

Share your photos with the world

Burst was started by two photographers in Toronto, Sarah Pflug and Matthew Henry, and is supported by a global community of contributors. That community includes generous creatives from around the world, like Brodie in Spain and Jonas in Lithuania, who contribute to Burst to share their work with fellow creatives, developers and entrepreneurs.

Uploading photos to Burst allows photographers to share their work with a global audience; our images have been used everywhere from the Huffington Post to Forbes to Ikea. Plus, every Burst photographer gets a professional profile page that showcases their photography and makes it easy to connect with potential clients. Currently our community is invite-only, but click here to apply if you’re a photographer who is interested in contributing. If you’re interested in learning more, check out our submission guidelines.

Burst and entrepreneurship

Burst is powered by Shopify

Burst is powered by Shopify, a leading ecommerce platform. You don’t have to be a customer to use our open source image library, but we’d encourage you to check out Shopify to see if there are more free tools or guides that could help accelerate your business.

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