Kenji Tanimura

Trees And Bushes Lined In Rows Covered In Snow | View photo

Kenji Tanimura has contributed 32 photos since March 2021

person stands on rocks poking out of the ocean shoreline

Person Stands On Rocks Poking Out Of The Ocean Shoreline

green plants grow in lines on rolling hills

Green Plants Grow In Lines On Rolling Hills

two people share a kiss in the kitchen cooking

Two People Share A Kiss In The Kitchen Cooking

silhouetted couples look out at a city at night

Silhouetted Couples Look Out At A City At Night

busy hands playing with white dough

Busy Hands Playing With White Dough

people looking at light beams from the walls

People Looking At Light Beams From The Walls

person carries a wooden box full of dough balls

Person Carries A Wooden Box Full Of Dough Balls

person reaches to open a restaurant entrance door

Person Reaches To Open A Restaurant Entrance Door

people standing and sitting in a bright room

People Standing And Sitting In A Bright Room

a small drink to cheers the field of vines below

A Small Drink To Cheers The Field Of Vines Below

people enjoy rowing a boat on a river in a city

People Enjoy Rowing A Boat On A River In A City

a view through green trees of building in red lights

A View Through Green Trees Of Building In Red Lights

people walk down wide pathway surrounded by trees

People Walk Down Wide Pathway Surrounded By Trees

table with iced coffee and a cell phone face down

Table With Iced Coffee And A Cell Phone Face Down

trees and bushes lined in rows covered in snow

Trees And Bushes Lined In Rows Covered In Snow

person holds a camera up and takes a picture outdoors

Person Holds A Camera Up And Takes A Picture Outdoors

pair of busy hands molding white dough

Pair Of Busy Hands Molding White Dough

tall metal building at night disappearing into fog

Tall Metal Building At Night Disappearing Into Fog

small down with vibrant green liquid sits on a black tray

Small Down With Vibrant Green Liquid Sits On A Black Tray

people in small boats enjoy trees in bloom with white flowers

People In Small Boats Enjoy Trees In Bloom With White Flowers

a small fishing boat in still water through lush trees

A Small Fishing Boat In Still Water Through Lush Trees

people standing in a field with round plants in rows

People Standing In A Field With Round Plants In Rows

two people walk beside a tall glass building at night

Two People Walk Beside A Tall Glass Building At Night

hand holds a small cup and pours water into it

Hand Holds A Small Cup And Pours Water Into It

cupped hands hold two small japanese maple leaves

Cupped Hands Hold Two Small Japanese Maple Leaves

close up of wooden squares with black japanese letters

Close Up Of Wooden Squares With Black Japanese Letters

two wooden ladders lay over water

Two Wooden Ladders Lay Over Water

weaved basket with yen catches sunlight

Weaved Basket With Yen Catches Sunlight

standing over wooden box of small balls of dough

Standing Over Wooden Box Of Small Balls Of Dough

orange poles with japanese characters create a tunnel

Orange Poles With Japanese Characters Create A Tunnel

wooden table at a window set for lunch

Wooden Table At A Window Set For Lunch

a tower through pink blooms on a tree branch

A Tower Through Pink Blooms On A Tree Branch