Lab Photos

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beakers for science with water

Beakers For Science With Water

scientist injecting red liquid into bottle

Scientist Injecting Red Liquid Into Bottle

scientist at work researching

Scientist At Work Researching

genome research lab tests

Genome Research Lab Tests

science beaker and pipette

Science Beaker And Pipette

science research lab microscope

Science Research Lab Microscope

science beakers in blue light

Science Beakers In Blue Light

woman scientist doing experiment

Woman Scientist Doing Experiment

science test tubes

Science Test Tubes

scientist in lab with pipette

Scientist In Lab With Pipette

female scientist at work in lab

Female Scientist At Work In Lab

science lab research tests

Science Lab Research Tests

bunsen burner in science lab

Bunsen Burner In Science Lab

science examining magnifiers

Science Examining Magnifiers

side view of a small blond puppy

Side View Of A Small Blond Puppy

gloved hand and test tube

Gloved Hand And Test Tube

science lab red liquid

Science Lab Red Liquid

scientist holding agar pietri dish

Scientist Holding Agar Pietri Dish

scientist places test tube

Scientist Places Test Tube

research lab frozen specimens

Research Lab Frozen Specimens

dna research assay tray in lab

Dna Research Assay Tray In Lab

multi channel pipette and assay plate

Multi Channel Pipette And Assay Plate

side of lab microscope

Side Of Lab Microscope

tubes in centrifuge close up

Tubes In Centrifuge Close Up

scientist looking through microscope

Scientist Looking Through Microscope

scientist pouring red liquid

Scientist Pouring Red Liquid

scientist holding agar plate

Scientist Holding Agar Plate

science lab pipettes for genome research

Science Lab Pipettes For Genome Research

close up microscope oculars

Close Up Microscope Oculars

scientist at work

Scientist At Work

science lab freezer

Science Lab Freezer

science lab chemical bottles

Science Lab Chemical Bottles

frozen test tube container

Frozen Test Tube Container

scientist with lab trays and pink

Scientist With Lab Trays And Pink

pipette in lab test trays

Pipette In Lab Test Trays

microscope view

Microscope View

microscope ocular lenses

Microscope Ocular Lenses

scientist in lab with microscope

Scientist In Lab With Microscope

science microscope slides

Science Microscope Slides

research lab pressure guage

Research Lab Pressure Guage

filling mini science vials control test

Filling Mini Science Vials Control Test

science lab centrifuge spinner

Science Lab Centrifuge Spinner

scientist in lab with frozen specimens

Scientist In Lab With Frozen Specimens

look through the microscope

Look Through The Microscope

lab test storage hand

Lab Test Storage Hand

science lab graph test

Science Lab Graph Test

liquid nitrogen in bucket at lab

Liquid Nitrogen In Bucket At Lab

biohazardous materials sign

Biohazardous Materials Sign

1000 ml flasks

1000 Ml Flasks

science lab liquid nitrogen

Science Lab Liquid Nitrogen

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There’s no shortage of lab photos ready for your next project. At Burst, you can find images of labs captured in both well lit environments and laboratories set in darker rooms. There are various images to choose from that display lab activities taking place, including pipettes dispensing liquid into multi-well trays, or liquid being measured into beakers. You can also find photos that include a human element and still-life objects used by scientists or biotechnicians. Our collection of lab photos includes scientists in action performing lab work, as well as images of gloved hands managing samples. As you begin your search for the perfect image, start by considering the message you’re wanting to convey. For example, if you have an online store and want to share news about your research team, try using images that display the laboratory research process.

At Burst, we’re constantly adding new lab pictures to our collection of free HD photos, perfect for anyone looking to add new photos of labs on a regular basis. Whatever it is that you’re looking for, we guarantee you’ll find hundreds of options as you scroll through our collections. Not sure where to begin when choosing the right photo for your project? You can browse through other related collections until you find an image that resonates with you or your business. Download our free images and add them to a mood board as you explore.

Burst offers a free library of HD lab images, with endless opportunities for sharing images across your website or social media channels. If you’re ready to start your search, check out the latest free photos powered by our Burst contributors and download them onto your desktop or mobile devices in seconds. For more inspiration, check out our latest collection of factory, healthcare, or white background photos. Once you have found your niche, you can continue to download full res images for your other projects.