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Duradry sees a 29% decrease in customer acquisition costs using Shopify Collabs


Health, Beauty, and Cosmetics

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Shopify Collabs

Use case

Marketing, Cost Effectiveness

Duradry was created out of frustration for deodorant products that don’t work. The brand set out to formulate products with science-backed ingredients that work for even the most excessive sweating. Since migrating to Shopify Plus and using Shopify Collabs, the brand has seen**_: _**

  • More than 250 creators join their community
  • More than $50,000 in product sales
  • 29% decrease in customer acquisition cost (CAC) by working with creators

The Challenge 

The Duradry team loves trying out new marketing tactics to acquire new customers, spread the word about their story, and keep their community of Duradry fans and customers engaged. With advertising costs increasing, they sought out ways to lower customer acquisition costs (CAC), work with authentic creators who love and use their products, and streamline their discovery of new creators and influencers who could promote their products.

Duradry launches Partners Program with Collabs to scale affiliate scales.

The Solution 

They turned to Shopify Collabs to seek out creators that would help them authentically spread a message to those who are severely impacted by by excessive sweating. With the help of its creators, the brand has been able to tell compelling stories about the products and how it's benefited their lives. The product solves a real problem for its customers and Duradry has utilized Collabs to help them scale these relationships they can have with the creators who can tell this story.

The Results 

Finding quick success with a growing community of creators who are now ambassadors for the brand, Duradry has been able to grow their community of creators and affiliates over a short period of time.

Managing relationships on Collabs, Duradry now has over 250 creators in their Partner network. These partnerships have helped them generate over $50,000 in affiliate sales in under 7 months, while seeing an increased amount of tutorials, reviews and content being posted around social channels that are run by their creator partners. Duradry is not just seeing sales, but they're also seeing a meaningful drop in cost of customer acquisition (CAC) compared to blended CAC. 

Building their creator program has lowered Duradry’s customer acquisition costs, provided an alternative marketing and sales stream for their products, helped them support their customers with opportunities to earn commission, and increased their digital footprint.

We’ve been blown away. The Shopify Collabs product has not only simplified the way we work with creators and advocates of our brands, but it’s also made it incredibly simple to manage our affiliate and gifting workflows. The team is highly receptive to feedback and we’re seeing positive changes and improvements coming along all the time.

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  • Jack Benzaquen — Founder

With Shopify, Duradry saw results fast.


Creators have joined the Duradry community


Sales attributed to Shopify Collabs in less than 7 months


Decrease in CAC by working with creators

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