What are the key factors that have helped your store be successful?

What are your top recommendations for new store owners?

Beardbrand fosters style for the urban beardsman. We noticed a trend with men growing their beards out, however companies that served beardsmen tended to gravitate toward the hippies, outdoorsmen, or bikers.

We noticed there was a more white collared beardsman that was not being served and with that we launched Beardbrand.

We started with three products and have grown our inventory from there. As a bootstrapped company, our growth has been slow, but very rewarding. We couldn't have built what we've built without the awesome Shopify platform.

I had been blogging on for a while and was contacted by a reporter for NY Times. She was going to do a piece on taming of beards that highlighted products for beard care. At this point I had no store or way to make money. I needed a quick solution to put product online and get ready for traffic via the article.

Well, we were able to launch our ecommerce store one day before the article posted and it was that initial boost that help us get started. From there we continue to write and create videos about the bearded lifestyle. Our urban beardsman connect with the brand and the image and are loyal to us. It's been a riveting experience and we are happy to interact with our clients on a one to one basis.

Find out what you really enjoy doing with your business. Stick to doing the work that makes you the happiest, and outsource the stuff you don't enjoy doing. Connect with your customers and show who is the person behind your store.

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