Vertty is a new brand that has reinvented the beach towel concept. Its idea is to transport the city’s sophistication to the casual environment of the beach.

With a unique design and a colorful variety, the brand intends to explore the full potential of a basic commodity. Vertty wants to give the beach towel a cosmopolitan soul, turning a simple object into a trendy accessory.

Dreamed in Australia and born in Portugal, Vertty has already exported to 40 different countries (from South Korea to Peru) since its creation on July 5th, 2013. Vertty has been showcased by renown publications such as Vogue, Fast Company, IdN, Monocle or Entrepreneur, while being distinguished with some relevant awards – product design by “Red Dot 21” in 2014; website design and content in 2013 by “Awwwards”; social networks communication and marketing from “Facebook Studio Awards”.

With a strong focus on design, Vertty’s beach towel also is an efficient product. Using an innovative material called “Ketten” (90% cotton + 10% polyester) that dries up faster, the beach towel is 10% larger than usual and 30% lighter than normal. Vertty also introduces a discreet water-­‐proof pocket. Besides that, all the production is hand-­‐ made, in Portugal, and respects the “Oeko‐Tex Standard 100” certificate, meaning that all the materials used on its production are harmless to the environment and public health. The ink used on the towels, for example, is made out of seaweeds.

The Vertty name comes from two different sources: the “Vert” part is homage to the surf and beach community, to whom the product is a love letter; the “Ty” was an influence from the city’s musical and entertaining facet.

What are the key factors that have helped your store be successful?

We wanted to create a love brand. A brand that was more than just a product. We wanted to create something that was representing a lifestyle and a philosophy through design.

Before launching the brand, we've done a previous online market study with +4400 people. We have been 1 year only working on the designs and building the brand concept. We worked a lot on our website's design as well.

We also use multiple currencies (that's why we have 3 stores) in order to help our customers to buy from anywhere in the world.

What are your top recommendations for new store owners?

  1. Use multiple currencies.

  2. Communication is everything, work with PR companies.

  3. Try not to make a "common" online store, try to make it different. Try to make it "catchy".

  4. Build a brand and don't sell just a product. Build a concept, a lifestyle idea. Something that people can identify themselves with.

  5. Make it very simple to buy. Have lot's of "call to action" buttons/slogans, etc.

Any Closing Remarks?

Vertty also is focused on supporting young talented national sports people and artists. Its team is formed, as of now, by two talented surfers and an Olympic prospect sailing team.

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